My Perfect Red - CND 529 Bloodline

I would like to talk about one of my favorite varnishes. it CND 529 Bloodline.
I will not sing red praises for a long time, because he is already the favorite of many. It is universal for me - it’s good for jeans, and for formal attire, and for work (only in the latter case - on not too long nails).
So let's go ...
Artificial light (main photo - daylight)

This color is my perfect dark red.
It fits perfectly in one layer: without bubbles and almost without bald spots - if I am in a hurry, I can do without one.
In two layers, gloss appears, the color becomes completely uniform, but several bubbles may appear, but there are very few of them and therefore it is not critical for me.
It dries quite quickly, in one layer - generally instantly.
It is worn with a top and a CND base for three or four days, but the tips begin to wear off already on the second, which is quite understandable for such a bright color.
I can’t say how quickly the varnish in the bottle thickens, because I have thickened it for a long time and at what point it has thickened - I don’t remember, but so far a special thinner for varnish has successfully coped with this problem.
I do not pretend to be a master to paint my nails with red varnish - it doesn’t come out as neatly as I would like, although I try very hard. Therefore, I emphasize that I bring to your attention swatch not manicure, but only the color and quality of the varnish.
Single layer, artificial light

Single layer, daylight

Two layers, no top, artificial light

Two layers, no top, daylight

Here with top CND

Rating - 5
Price - 63 UAH
Thanks for attention!
Z.Y. I take this opportunity to ask a question. Tell me, what does OPI have in color and quality?

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