Flowering with Pupa Lasting Color Jeans N'roses Series No. 210

Actually, the purchase is rather strange for me - I don’t like pink color (except for the fuchsia shade), I don’t wear it either in clothes, in make-up, or anywhere else. and then, walking along Rive Gauche, I came across Pupa's booth and saw their spring collection. to be honest, I like it all: such delicate, beautiful colors in it are presented for the eyes, and for the lips, and for the face. And strangeness, I changed my favorite lilac color and for some reason I got a rose. and I’m very happy about it! ... it’s so unusual ... it’s not pure pink, but with an admixture of white, it’s already close to the pastel shade. I call it "dusted." I have it completely associated with spring: warm sun, first grass, light dresses and delicate make-up.
So, I previously wrote that I love varnishes Pup for a small volume, ease of application, etc. but with this varnish I suffered a little. the brush seemed to me too long and uncomfortable. I like the shorter and wider ones like Rimmel's “60 sec.”, for example. But getting used to it, I applied the varnish quite well :) It lays well, dries quickly, and keeps good with the top (a small chip on the edge of one finger appeared only on the 6th day). So, to summarize: I am satisfied with the product, the color is gorgeous, I will wear it)) I also like how interesting the shade changes depending on the lighting.
In electric lighting. So bright bright

Daylight (overcast). Here the shade is the same as in a bottle.

Have a great mood!