Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact Reviews

Apparently, this spring I completely switched to everything nude and pastel, from pink, blue and coral nail polishes and beige, pink lipsticks!
Last Guerlain Barbie Madness of mine is lipstickRouge G No. 72 Rose Innocent spring 2012 from a limited edition"Rose Collection".

The photo:
Detailed opinion: Lipstick is framed in the standard case of the Rouge G. In my opinion, the only interesting option for this case was black lacquer. Though somehow more original than a heavy piece of iron, which has absolutely no meaning. Although someone is probably crazy about these Guerlain monograms. Here he flaunts on the latch!
The lipstick itself has a subtle aroma (maybe even roses ... after all, the Pink collection after all) But on the whole it is not much different from the usual Rouge G. line Lipstick is a cool pink shade with the smallest shimmer that gives a moist glossy finish. On the lips, the lipstick melts like a cream. Such a soft and delicate texture gives a light color to the lips, like all lipstick-shine of such a plan. For me, it is completely unstable, because it soaks into my dehydrated lips so quickly, or something else. But I do not mind, let it be absorbed, because after there is no feeling of tightness or dry lips. They are soft, like after a balm. Well, still, the manufacturer promises moisturizing with hyaluronic scabies, google gum, vitamin A in the composition, and even nano-pollen from precious stones! ... In general, I use it as a hygienic lipstick, especially since tinting my lips is often not a problem for me - but a pleasure!
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
here is the lipstick in the stick - the smallest sparks are visible
so calm pink
on the lips

Price: 1800 p.
Test period: 1 month

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