My first Italian is Shampoo "Foltène Laboratories" Shampoo - Capelli Grassi from the "Seboregolatore" series

Good day to all!
This is my first post on this wonderful site.
I want to tell you about my new shampoo for oily hair "Foltène Laboratories" Shampoo - Capelli Grassi from the "Seboregolatore" Series.

- The full name of the product in the manufacturer's language: "Foltène Laboratories" Shampoo - Capelli Grassi
First, a little about yourself (in order to make it as clear as possible about the product and how it reacted to my parameters).
Age: 20 years.
Hair: natural (not dyed), soft, docile, prone to greasy. Hair gets dirty very quickly, so you have to rinse thoroughly every day.
And now let's go directly to the company itself. The information was taken from the Russian-language official website of the company (unfortunately, the official website in Italian is under reconstruction).
- About the manufacturer: Foltene Laboratories S.p.A. Founded in 1944, entered into a scientific search for the production of active substances from natural substances for medicinal and paramedical products. For many years, it has been the world leader in the production of trichological preparations, which has taken as its basis a "biological strategy."
- Product Description:

- Composition:

And so this tool looks without packaging:

- Detailed view:
My hair really remained clean throughout the day (I couldn’t even wash it the next day, but I did it anyway, because I got used to it). I liked the fact that you don’t even have to put it in with a hairdryer, as I usually do always. Soaps well, rinses without problems.
- Fragrance: pleasant fresh aroma, reminds me of the aroma of herbs, although yes, that's right - because the composition contains hibiscus extract. The smell is very soft, after washing it remains on the hair for another 5-10 minutes.
- Producing country: Italy;
- Volume: 250 ml .;
- Term of use: 2 weeks;
- Place of purchase: local supermarket;
- Cost: 2.98 euros;
- Grade: 5/5.
P.S .: I am Vika. To me on the "you".
Thanks for attention!