Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper Reviews

Hi everybody!
We have heat ... we don’t feel like going out into the street ...
An important attribute of a women's cosmetic bag in such weather are matting napkins.
there are no MaryKay napkins in the photo, I have run out of them, but they are worth it to tell about them.

1.Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper - Grease Absorbing Wipes
Detailed view: I really liked the napkins, perfectly remove the shine. They have a spray. I correct their makeup once a day. After them I do not use powder, since the result is more than satisfied with me. Perfectly matte the skin. I have 1 napkin for my whole face. An impressive amount of packaging - 100 pcs., But does not take up much space in a cosmetic bag. It is very convenient to get a napkin. One took out, the second has already appeared and is waiting in line.
Price: Something about 650 rubles. in Letual ... I don’t remember anymore, I bought it 3 months ago ...
2. Matting face wipes from Cettua 50 pcs.

Detailed view: I didn’t like these napkins at all, they don’t clean anything, they just stick to the skin and leave discomfort and stains on the skin! Looks like tracing paper ... maybe this is it ... even without a matting component? Moreover, getting a napkin is a whole thing ... They are so thin that it is very difficult to separate it from the rest.
I didn’t use it ...
Price: About 70 rubles. to Letual.
Now look at the compilers:

Compare wipes:

3. I also want to note MaryKay wipes.
Disposable cleaning wipes with a matting effect, 75 pcs.
Beauty Blotters® Oil-Absorbing Tissues

Detailed view: I have run out of them, and I can’t attach them, but they are also very wonderful, and they cost only 200 rubles, but they are a worthy competitor to Shiseido. Now their packaging has changed, it has become very convenient to get napkins, as in Shiseido. 1 napkin per day is enough for me. Makeup is not lubricated, perfectly matted, does not contain powder.
Price: 210 rub
Thank you, Beauties for your attention.

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