MAC Lipstick Reviews

I am a “hamster” thrifty, in my nooks and crannies of the apartment / car / work you can find a lot of interesting things, having collected a winter supply of lipsticks in natural shades by the gimbal, I decided to show them to you. Muffled colors are not my thing, but apparently, who succumbed to the next surge of nude themes, several were bought. I hope it will be interesting.

The trinity I gathered was different in texture, but approximately all the copies in the same price range. To understand my rating system, I’ll tell you a little about myself:
Lipstick for me is, first of all, leaving, nothing should clog and spread anywhere. Resistance would be better about 3 hours, this item is not the main, but important. I am pleased when after the lipstick the lips look neat and moisturized. I don’t have the habits of eating lipstick, but like all the people I talk to, I drink tea and eat. After eating, I either wash the lipstick and apply a new layer, or go with a natural color. Lipstick satisfying my requirements gets 5. Any deviations in the direction of 4 onwards. Well, having put all the dots over the "I" in the estimates, we proceed to the review.

In the photo, where part of me and lipstick are in defocus, it is immediately evident that warm shades do not decorate me very much. Well, they don’t do worse. The color type makes itself felt. But we are not talking today about what suits me, but about what lipstick I have found. It is important.
Make up for ever rouge artist intense 18.
Dry in texture with a small interspersed spangles that give a feeling of sandpaper on the lips. No humidification. Durability is average about 2 hours. Comes off lips with scales. The only merit of these lipsticks is color or even reflective particles. He plays in the sun pleasantly, even such a modest color does not look "empty". For photo shoots, I would gladly use this lipstick, but every day I do not have a desire for her to be painted. Nevertheless, scales in a few hours can play a cruel joke if you accidentally forget that there is a capricious professional lipstick on your lips. Not a good product, worthy of the brand.

My mark: 2. Even for photo shoots, it’s too expensive to buy these lipsticks, it’s easier to paint a color in Photoshop, it will be cheaper.
Rouge bunny rouge Whim of mine 019.
I have not tried many products with this brand. Brushes are not bad, but lipsticks are average. Two years ago, when I bought it, I liked it, but then I was not so sophisticated buyer, or even more correct to say the consumer. Soft texture, dense coating, full color disclosure. Caring for lips. After lipstick, the feeling of hydration, all as I like. It comes off nicely, but here the color is more likely correct and its disappearance is not noticeable. But, it is too soft and too dense when coated. In the warm season, it is difficult to wear without a pencil, as it spreads beyond the contour of the lips. In addition, due to its softness, it is not very resistant and it lasts about 2 hours without snacking and other things. In winter, everything is within normal limits. This lipstick would be the favorite of those who have very dry lips. She will cover all the flaws. The color is not mine at 100 percent. It’s still a mystery why I sometimes buy something that obviously will not decorate me ...

My mark: 4+
Mac Lipstick i love winter.
Lipstick was in the kit for this year's Christmas limited edition. There was still a pencil and glitter. All the same tone. After the photo shoots, the shine was lost and its whereabouts are still unknown. But the lipstick remained, in winter I did not penetrate her, it seemed to me that in the cold season she was too inconspicuous. But now in the spring on cloudy days I am very comfortable living with her. A familiar, pleasant Mac texture. Good durability up to 4 hours. Lunch can stand, but I, as mentioned above, prefer to update the color. Lip care is within normal limits. When dryness is present, it does not emphasize it. Very nice workhorse. And her color is right for me.

My rating: 5
Thanks for attention!

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