Organic Shop Organic Raspberry & Sugar Body Polish - Reviews

Hello dear Beauticians!
I recently went out here for bread to a supermarket near the metro, and quite unexpectedly I bought several utilities

1. Bark Cream Mask Moisturizing

I really liked this mask. Very budget price and good results. Combi / normal skin, good nutrition and hydration are required from the masks, which the mask coped with. It really moisturizes, its effect on myself is clearly felt, although it is spoiled with different masks. The face after it is fresh and smoothed, it even becomes a little brighter. By consistency, like a cream, the fragrance is light cosmetic. There was a desire to try another Cow mask.
Rating: 5
Price: approx. 300 rub
Duration of use: 3 weeks
2. Organic Shop Organic Raspberry & Sugar Body Scrub
Contains organic raspberry extract and cane sugar.

I fell in love with this scrub for its smell! My favorite scent of raspberry milkshake! It’s just aromatherapy at home. And he has quite decent scrubbing abilities. As you can see in the photo, it is quite thick. The scrub contains sugar, which melts on the skin in a few minutes. After scrub, the skin is moisturized and soft. I love this scrub, I will buy it while it is in my store.
Price: 120 rub.
Rating: 5
Duration of use: 3 weeks.
3. Lip Gloss Art-Visage №304

You won’t believe it, I abandoned all my old shines and now I use only it. He cares for my lips no worse than Dior and the other Chanels. I did not expect this from Russian cosmetics. In spring, lips are not at their best, but this gloss looks after them. During the day, I can smear them with 10 times, and layering one layer on another. It is not sticky, without taste and with a faint smell. And most importantly, a feeling of soft lips, they visually increase slightly. Even at work they asked what my shine is. It is without a shimmer, gives a mirror shine. Its only minus is it flows into folds. This can be seen on the macro, but in life no one considers me that way, so I have no complaints about him. In a word, I suddenly came across a good thing))) I am very pleased.

Rating: 5
Price: 100 rub.
4. Moisturizing sparkling lipstick ROUGE DIAMANT from L'Etoile shade 206

But this lipstick is never moisturizing, rather, on the contrary, this shade is for sure. Horror is terrible. I liked the color, so I didn’t look at anything else. Well, what can I say - "living in Soviet Russia with such a hair color is not recommended" walking with her is unrealistic. She lies on her lips just ugly with some kind of lumps. bald spots, bumps, clogs in folds. She also dries her lips. And another minus - after the lipstick comes off, there are metal spangles, which are not very pleasant. I liked the color, orange-coral, and the sparkles on the hand in the store were not so noticeable. I have one lipstick from Letual, though from another series, it fits perfectly. In general, from the Diamant series, I probably will not try anything else. After fasting, she flew into a bucket.

lipstick is gone, dry metal residue
Rating: 1
Price: 420 rub.
In general, apart from the terrible lipstick Letual, I went for a loaf of bread very well)))
Thank you all for your attention, I’m Julia, please contact me as conveniently!

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