My way to healthy skin

It’s not just that the name “healthy” appears in the title of the post, and not “beautiful”, because it’s no secret that only healthy skin can look beautiful and I decided to write about how to improve skin health.
Today there will be no before-and-after photo, since my results are still very modest - I am just starting the fight. Moreover, only a miracle cream can change upper layer skin in one night, and a thorough restructuring of the body requires more than one month. I just want to systematize and tell you everything that I know and apply on this topic. I think that I will not discover America for anyone, but still I hope that my post will be useful for someone, because even knowing these rules, we often forget about them and, for sure, it will not be amiss to remind them to ourselves.
So to the battle!
My main problem is pimples and traces of them. The reason for pimples is partly internal to me, so the issue of health is especially relevant. There are also clogged pores, black dots, a pair of spider veins, a dull complexion, the skin is very sensitive, combined - the T-zone is shiny and at the same time there is a tendency to dryness and peeling. In general, there is something to fight.
I will conditionally divide my story into three parts - lifestyle, nutrition and care. These are the three main factors that affect the condition of the skin, not counting the ecology and heredity, which we are not able to influence.


I will be commonplace, but movement is life. In fact, there is not a single organ in the body that is not affected by motor activity. When we move, the body's cell renewal process is activated, blood circulation improves, the chances of getting a diagnosis of obesity are reduced, and all these are factors that affect the skin condition.
I should not run and therefore I chose walking for myself. Whenever the weather permits and there is some free time, I go out and go for a walk, if possible with a quick step. I walk like 3-5 kilometers, and when there is time and mood, then it happens 10. And, if possible, I do regular exercises at home, as in school at a physical education lesson.
Someone has the opportunity to go to the gym, someone can do exercises at home, but in any case, you should not miss any opportunity to move - walk, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and so on.
On many creams it is written "hides traces of fatigue", but only a healthy sleep can really eliminate these traces. Of course, in our dynamic world, few people have the opportunity for a daily 8-hour sleep, but still it’s worth grabbing for any opportunity to sleep, because during sleep the skin is renewed, restored and we get the same healthy complexion.
I sleep on a rather firm bed, on a thin pillow and try to ventilate the room more often.
Sometimes stress is a consequence of not only some troubles, but also an overabundance of information, a crazy rhythm of life, which is also bad.
It’s easy to say “don’t be nervous”, so take it yourself and try not to be nervous! Therefore, I will not say "do not be nervous", but I will say "try not to be nervous." Every time someone or something tries to unbalance you, remember that under the influence of stress in the body increases the level of cortisol, which destroys collagen and provokes inflammation, and this is the right way to wrinkles and pimples, as well as adrenaline, which sharply narrows blood vessels and worsens the flow of oxygen, for which the skin also will not say "thank you". Also, during stress, the consumption of vitamins increases many times. Severe stress can cause serious skin diseases such as urticaria, atopic dermatitis, pruritus, and even lichen.
I won’t tell you how to learn not to be nervous, because this is a separate and very difficult topic and it often doesn’t work out for the most, but still, girls, let's try, okay?


We all know what to eat is bad and what is good, but how hard it is to limit yourself! But then again, you need to try.
For three months now I have not eaten sweets. With only two buts. Firstly, I won’t be away from the holiday cake and I can afford a delightful cake in the cafe, but I try to make such cases as rare as possible (once or twice a month), and secondly, I found for myself a way, how not to suffer sweetly. I buy a bar of the darkest chocolate (76% cocoa), break it into ten pieces and eat one a day - only 10 grams of chocolate a day comes out, but it helps not to break into cakes every week, and such chocolate is the most harmless. I also try to eat nuts and dried fruits, also sweetly, but it reflects on the skin in the best way. As for the sweet, I can definitely say that there is a result, there have become really less pimples.
I eat bread only if I make a sandwich. Only bread is not white, but with bran. I also buy bran separately and eat with the addition of water and honey. Bran has a very beneficial effect on digestion, and therefore on the skin.
I limit myself to salty, spicy, fried, smoked.
I also refused mayonnaise, for me it is the personification of all food evil.
Every day I eat at least one apple. For me, an apple is a symbol of health (the opposite of mayonnaise, yeah). Apples strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol, protect the body from free radicals and, which is especially important for skin health, normalize the intestines. Of course, you need to try to eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, you won’t solve the problem with apples, but since I didn’t like any “garden gifts” at all, an apple is my first step to change.
Water is also important for our health, it affects the moisture and overall condition of the skin as well. They say that water should be drunk at least two liters per day. But I would not be in a hurry to recommend this to everyone. People’s water needs are different and may depend on many factors, so I think it’s better to consult a doctor. As for the quality of the liquid that we drink, the most useful, of course, is plain non-carbonated drinking water, weak tea, especially green tea (sugar is best replaced with honey), and if coffee, then natural. Mineral waters are good, freshly squeezed juices, but there are a lot of nuances and contraindications, and therefore, without the advice of a doctor, leaning on them is also not worth it.


I will not write about specific brands. I tried a lot of things, now I'm testing a new makeup - "Caetana". This is the first Ukrainian professional cosmetics. I use it for a month, but for now I will not talk about impressions, I want to test it again. I will write about my general principles of care.
Cleansing, moisturizing
The first and main step in skin care is cleansing. Since adolescence, I used various gels for washing. They dried and tightened the skin, although it was not dry in nature, but I could not imagine how it could be otherwise. What does it have to do with masses, pharmacy brands, and special series for overdried and sensitive skin, but all the gels (as well as mousses and foams - everything that foams with water) equally dried my skin. And this continued until the new cosmetologist strongly recommended that I switch to milk instead of gel. I reacted to the advice with great distrust - I never understood how you can cleanse your face with almost the same cream and was sure that milk at best will not clean the skin, and at worst it will clog pores. But having decided to try it all the same, I bought the simplest milk “Nivea” and ... I was delighted! Yes, it’s not very pleasant purely psychologically on dry skin to smear dirt on the face, but if you come to terms with this, then there are solid pluses. Milk cleans perfectly - on a cotton pad with lotion there is no trace of mascara and powder, I forgot what tightness and peeling is and in a month of use I did not notice worsening of the condition of pores or exacerbation of rashes. Yes, and I eliminated the psychological minus very simply - I apply milk, remove it with a cotton pad, and then rinse my face with water. After that, I wipe my face with lotion and apply cream.
I completely refused face scrubs with scratching particles, no matter how small and delicate they were. Any scrub leaves microporesis on the face, into which the infection easily penetrates and inflammation forms. Now I am in search of soft peeling without "scratches", but for now I use a natural face sponge to exfoliate dead skin cells a couple of times a week.
It is very important to keep your face clean all day and, if possible, to exclude all methods of getting microbes on your skin. To do this, I do the following:
- before any manipulation of the skin of the face, wash my hands with soap;
- switched to paper towels for the face, since a damp towel hanging in the bathroom is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria;
- I change the pillowcase on the pillow every 5-7 days so that the skin does not accumulate mixed with night cream (I read tips on how to try to sleep on your back and not touch the pillow, but for me it's aerobatics, show me who in a dream is able to remember the pillow);
- I try to wean myself from touching the face.
About such things as washing off cosmetics before bedtime, I think, it’s not worth talking about.
Sun protection
I’m just starting to study this issue, but I already realized that it is very important, so I’m in search of a suitable tool.
In no case do not insist on the correctness of all my thoughts. This is just my opinion. I think there will be those who disagree with some points - maybe I’m doing something not quite right or I missed something. It will be very interesting for me to know your opinion on this topic and perhaps learn something new for myself.
Thanks for reading!
Healthy skin and good mood!
Take care of yourself.

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