Several options for manicure on the water

Hello beauties! For a long time I was going to write a post on this topic, but my hands did not reach it. I started doing this type of manicure when I saw one American blog! This blog will inspire anyone!
First, I will tell you some nuances and what you need to create a miracle!
We will need:
1. Water tank
2. Cotton pads and cotton buds (in order to remove excess varnish)
3. Thin sticks (toothpick, needle, etc.)
4. Nail polish remover
5. Adhesive tape and scissors
6. Well, actually varnishes!
To begin with, I cover the nails with a base (I have OPI) and apply one coat of varnish (this is important! Otherwise the manicure will look dull) What kind of varnish you apply is not important! I prefer to apply the lightest shade of those chosen for the design!
Then, using adhesive tape, I paste over the "unnecessary" places it looks like this:
The preparation of nails at this ends.
We take a container and pour a little bit of warm water there, so that the varnish dissolves well and acquires the necessary consistency. (This is important! If the water is too cold, the varnish will not be taken, and it will simply curdle from the hot).
We open all the varnishes that will be involved, so that it is easier to drip into the water.
And finally, the most interesting!
Alternately, take prepared varnishes and drip into the water. When the first drop is a little blurred on the surface of the water, drip the next varnish and so on.
Now we take a stick, a toothpick, a needle and repeatedly draw along the surface of the water, thereby making a straightforward drawing.
It turned out like this:
We don’t stare at the resulting beauty for a long time, as the varnish can dry out and we won’t succeed!
Gently, but surely immerse the nail (you can several at once) in water.
While the nail is under water, collect the remaining varnish from the water with a toothpick and carefully remove the finger from the water.
In the photo there are other colors of varnish, but I did everything according to the same scheme!
Now gently remove the tape (I prefer to remove it immediately, until the varnish is dry). And remove excess varnish!
And here is what we get:

Well, now a few of my options:
1. Used varnishes:
OPI Did It On 'Em
Essence 59 black is back

2. Used varnishes:
The first two nails:
OPI Dutch 'Ya Just Love Opi?
HOLOGRAFIC SHINE by Eveline 411 and 406
Essence 59 black is back
Second two:
Essence 59 black is back

3. Used varnishes:
The first two nails:
Essence 59 black is back
Second two:
Zoya Isla (No. 495)
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear 83

4. Used varnishes:
Golden Rose Paris 120
Golden Rose Care + Strong 138
Essence 59 black is back
Golden Rose Paris 120
Golden Rose Care + Strong 138
Essence 59 black is back
Unnamed: (This is just what I showed on the water!)
Golden Rose Care + Strong 138
Golden Rose Care + Strong 150

Well that's all! I want to warn you right away that this type of manicure takes VERY long time and VERY much polish to be spent!
I also want to note that holographic varnishes look better with a shimmer!
Thank you for reading to the end!
P.S. I want to apologize for showing the design on 1-2 nails, and not for all at once ... I just wanted to show more and at the same time I didn’t want to spend so much varnish!

Watch the video: Water Drop Gel Design (April 2020).