Dance Legend Vintage 979

Full name of varnish: Nail polish Dance Legend Vintage tone 979
Detailed opinion: A beautiful and versatile varnish with a twist in the form of the finest red shimmer. It fits perfectly in two layers (I always put it on the base and cover it with a top). The varnish is quite liquid, but thanks to a wide and comfortable brush it can be applied without problems. Worn 3-4 days without chips, and then begins to wear off at the tips. I find it difficult to say something specific about the drying speed, on my nails all the varnishes that I tried dry for a long time (apart from the transparent base varnishes from UE).
To summarize, I want to say that I liked the quality, and let's look at the color on swatch:

Price: about 180 p.
Rating: 5
Thank you for your attention, I am Alice, to me on the "you".

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