My spring-summer aromatherapy

Hello, beauties!
"The heart of a beautiful woman is prone to treason and change like the May wind ..." is sung in a notorious song.
I believe that there should be at least two flavors in the wardrobe of any girl, woman, but I sincerely admire those who managed to find their only “own” fragrance and carry it through themselves for most of their lives! One of these women is my mother :-)
I love to surround myself with different flavors, depending on the occasion and even the weather!
So, who cares, I ask for a cut)

From right to left:
1. Tous l'eau de parfum
2. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
3 Yves Rocher So Elixir
4. Masaki-Paris Art (Eau de Toilette + Perfumed Body Cream)
1. Tous l'eau de parfum

From the manufacturer:
TOUS (Tous) - L'Eau De Parfum - floral-woody-musky aroma.
The composition opens with notes of mandarin, lemon and floral chords.
A heart consisting of freesia, jasmine, white peony and blackcurrant is balanced by a base of white musk, patchouli oils and clear amber.
My opinion: This is my recent summer purchase. For a very long time I searched, walked and tried on a light, delicate, fresh, sparkling aroma. Originally wanted Dior Escale a Pondichery. But in the end I didn’t buy it, because with long trying it on, it still seemed to me obsessive for me. And Tous conquered with its lightness and freshness of floral-citrus! Moreover, he is not at all kompotny, but noble, interesting. It is very similar to Versace Bright Cristal or Dior Addict 2 which I both had at one time, but the love for them did not work out, because (forgive me connoisseurs) some ingredient in these two aromas gave me a dirty rag :-) Once again I ask forgiveness from connoisseurs for comparison, such a perception :-)
So Tous. As I wrote above, the aroma is delicate. I love to wear it in rainy weather! He so elegantly emphasizes the transparency of the air! But with the hot sun it appears as a bit of grassy shades. The fragrance is not very persistent! It plays in full force for 2-3 hours, then calms down for a couple of hours and after all comes off the skin. It more than suits me! Despite its lightness and tenderness, it is bright enough! And in the summer, excessive brightness is useless :-)
Rating: 5
Price: 1250 r for 50 ml.
2. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

From the manufacturer: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle eau de toilette created by Jacques Polge is another version of the fragrance, more distinct and fresh, sparkling, and the base notes give incredible lightness and seduction. It is impossible to resist. The aroma includes a combination of orange and bergamot with a light bitterness of grapefruit. And the light smells of patchouli. vetiver, bourbon vanilla and white musk create a fragrant sweet trail.
The pyramids of toilet water and perfumes are different. Eau de toilette is fresher.
My opinion: You should not even imagine this beauty, everyone knows this bewitching fragrance! But again, for an amateur! I bought it for myself when I was pregnant with my daughter, in the last stages. The aroma is absolutely magical! Fresh, read, with a warm enveloping train. He is absolutely special. With him you feel special, beautiful, desired! At first he plays very clearly and resonantly with citrus notes, but soon flower composers will come to the first places. I wear this fragrance for special occasions, or when I want to cheer myself up or keep warm in cool weather or make an impression :-) My husband often says that I smell delicious in the evening if I wore Soso in the afternoon :-) Very persistent! Buy more than once. I really want to try perfume now, I read that they are warmer and more gentle. Heard even after a shower.
Rating: 5!
Price: 3400 r for 50 ml.
3 Yves Rocher So Elixir

From the manufacturer: Yves Rocher (Yves Rocher) - So Elixir - the result of the work of the three best perfumers of the House Firmenich - can be safely called the "smell of a true woman." It has everything: tenderness, sensuality, passion, grace and French lightness. So Elixir evokes our emotions and improves our mood.
A radiant floral accord consisting of Arabian jasmine and damask rose petals, combined with sensual woody notes of patchouli, frankincense and tonka bean. By the way: it is in Tonka’s beans that the so-called “secret of female attractiveness” lies, which, according to the assurances of the creators of the fragrance, arouses the desire in a man to possess.
My opinion: I bought this fragrance after I discovered a sampler in a women's magazine. Everything went and sniffed this sampler for several days, and then decided :-) I carried it all last summer! A 30 ml bottle is already running out. And I'm sure I will buy it again. The aroma with its sound freshness / enveloping warmth is very similar to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, but it is more harsh, more provocative, obvious such a provocateur. You either fall in love with him right away or you will never dress him again! In the bottle I hear only freshness, on me it reveals itself with bright incense and tonka beans. Loopback, very resistant. I like to wear it in the evenings or when I want to impress, but not with a romantic mood, but rather for a playful mood or something :-) I will wear it at a party for a short dress :-)
Rating: 5
Price: 1749 r per 30 ml
4. Masaki-Paris Art

From the manufacturer: As if from under the artist’s brush, a perfumery composition is born step by step: the gentle notes of bergamot and carom reveal a real treasure - the aroma of Ume's barely blossoming flowers (plum tree flowers).
Ume flowers bring harmony to the outside world and are of great aesthetic value to the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun. In Japan, rich in cultural traditions, Ume flowers always personified the triumph of spring over winter and were a symbol of emperors' wives.
The heart of the perfumery composition is the chords of the vast expanses of Japanese gardens of sakura, tea roses and linen flowers. And this refined work is completed with a mixture of white cedar and crystal musk.
Aroma Pyramid:
Top notes: bergamot, ume flowers, cannon.
Heart notes: sakura, cotton flowers, tea rose.
Notes of a loop: white cedar, crystal musk.
My opinion: This set of aroma and perfume cream was presented to me by one very good friend. She said so, I know that you like bright aromas, but decided to surprise you. And surprised! I really liked the fragrance! Something he reminds me of Gucci Guilty, but more grassy ... or something ... He is so even and calm. I hear it very monotonously throughout the entire period of its sound. This is an absolute good aroma for the summer, for the heat, for every day! He does not strangle, he does not oblige. Good for jeans and dresses with stilettos and even jogging in sneakers and trainings, if you like to wear perfume for sports :-)
Rating: 5
Price: gift
This is my perfect cocktail for spring-summer, there is no desire to supplement it with something else!
For the winter-fall, I leave Coco Mademoiselle and So Elixir and look for a warming sexy scent :-)
Loved the new Guerlein Lys Soleia