Solar protection - Skinfood Tomato Wrinkle Sun Cream SPF 36

I’m already preparing for the summer in advance, and since the sun is increasingly scorching on the street and even strolling, my face is gradually getting darker - tans!
This year I changed my attitude towards tanning! In the past, I was sick with a tan, and I went through tanning beds and hours of long sun exposure, in the end I got all the charms - after tanning beds I earned a pigment spot on my foot and after the beaches - it dried up significantly and my neck skin became worse about the neckline! Of course, I knew that the sun is evil, but when you are 18 it doesn’t matter, but when you are already 25 with a tail, the attitude changes! Therefore, if last year I was lying on the beach with no scorching suns without problems, starting this year I will start to maintain pale skin and protect it from sunlight. All 100%!
Now the face bothers me the most, as I noticed - it started to tan, after long walks a slight tan became noticeable, and therefore I bought this cream - Skinfood Tomato Wrinkle Sun Cream with SPF 36!
I use cream on days when I need to be on the street for a long time and the way he behaves on his face - I really like it.
So, the volume of the cream is 50 ml.

From the manufacturer:
A sunscreen that works in two ways: protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet heaps and at the same time excellent prevention, prevention and fight against wrinkles!
Contains tomato extract - a powerful antioxidant and protects the skin from free radicals and oxidation and arbutin, to maintain fair skin! High sun protection factor SPF35 PA + + - UV-A and UV-B protection - reduces the depth of wrinkles and fine lines thanks to vitamin C, reduces dark spots and makes skin color more uniform - suitable for dark skin types.

By color it is an absolutely white cream, by consistency it is not light, it is not liquid!
It has a pleasant smell - I am sensitive to smells, the smell of this cream is pleasant, it smells like my Aloe cream in general, I don’t know why such associations, but not perfumed fragrances, it’s cream!
Now the application and its effect!
I apply it before starting makeup!
Initially, the morning daily care is to wash, apply a day cream and then I apply this cream, I’m sure you can not apply the day cream additionally, since this Skinfood cream perfectly moisturizes the skin - this way I get double hydration, but so far, but I'm sure , in the summer I will only cost them!
We look at the hand: the white cream is distributed fairly easily, after application it is noticeably slightly light and seems to have a “wet” finish, but after 5 minutes, the cream is completely absorbed into the skin and makes the skin soft and tender - it’s nice to touch, no streaks and no whitening - super easy!

According to my feelings, it tightens the skin a little and gives a pleasant glow, however, if matted - the glow, of course, disappears.
I still fix the whole thing on top with a powder and everything - "the face is ready for the exit."

I am attracted to him by the protection of the SPF, he’s good enough and I was pleased with his behavior on the skin, during a sunny day, I walked with him without problems, thanks to the scattering from above, I didn’t have a greasy shine, I don’t feel it at all on the skin. It does not create heaviness on the skin, it is very light - like the most ordinary cream!
While I could not fully verify its effect, sunny days are still to come, but I feel like it - I really liked it, if everything is true about the protection - it's a great summer cream! In addition, it is declared as a “fight against wrinkles" - this is difficult to verify, but if so - even better)
I think paying attention to it is definitely worth it!
Rating - 5!
Duration of use - 3 weeks (not every day!)
Price - 470 rubles.

Watch the video: Tomato Sun Cream SPF 16 (April 2020).