A sweet pair of blue ones or something like that

Hello :)
Honestly, I prefer manicure in the salon to independent manicure.
First of all, because to paint nails with colored varnish for me, since childhood I have not been able to draw a feat.
Well, in a salon manicure I usually choose a practical soft lacquer or jacket, suitable for any clothes and allowing to successfully reach the next visit to the master.
However, this spring I was struck by the Color, and it seems that I am becoming an addict.
It all started with the fact that in Minsk I bought this sweet couple:
Zinger Cosmetics # 83 stunningly deep blue and glitter varnish of the Belarusian company Lux Visage # 609

Detailed opinion:
I am delighted with them! Color plays in gradations of several tones, shimmers. Glitter glistens in the sun. In general, except for "aaaah!" I have nothing to add.
Sensations and result: varnishes are moderately thick, the brush is comfortable. It is applied easily, does not spread and does not strip.
But here it dries, in my opinion, for a long time. It took about 20 minutes to dry completely (using drip drying), and then, I managed to "print" a couple of nails.
Persistence pleased me: 2 layers of varnish + 1 layer of glitter lasted about 5 days without any problems (taking into account the fact that I was in almost field conditions). On about day 6, the varnish began to chip on the corners of the nail.
I know that some wear varnish for 10 days, but this is not my case.
under electric light, without flash

in daylight, no flash

in daylight on the street

Price: OK. $ 2 each.
Rating:varnish 4+ (for long drying and chips), glitter: 5.

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