Maybelline WaterShine Gloss # 420 Apricot Freeze Sparkling Apricot

I just can’t accustom myself to regularly paint my lips. Glitters are almost all sticky, lipsticks slide down ... and regardless of price and other characteristics. But I do not stop buying lip products as a true cosmetic maniac. I want to introduce one of my purchases - Maybelline WaterShine Gloss # 420 Apricot Freeze Lip Gloss.
If it became interesting - welcome)))
From the manufacturer: incredible crystal luster and the purest color! The gloss formula contains spring water extracted from lotus extract and seaweed, known for their exceptionally caring properties. The gel base includes polymers and emollients, which lay in an even shiny layer. The lips are softer, smoother and moisturized.
The volume of this handsome one is 5 milliliters, this is the optimal amount for me. The first shine that I used to the end))) The sponge under the slope, soft, does not scratch, very comfortable.

Glitter was bought last spring, when I wanted something warm coral and to shine in the sun. The color went perfectly; in the sunlight, a million golden sparkles appear that you can’t feel on your lips at all. The glossy effect on the lips remains in the shadow. Shine does not dry completely, disappears gradually and very delicately. White stripes and viscous strings between the lips fuuuuuuuuuu does not leave. Snacks, even light ones, can not stand me, as well as long conversations.
Daylight with almost no sun

Very pleasant to apply, absolutely does not spread, almost does not flow into folds, but this is only visible with super close examination. Another advantage of this shine is that it is NOT STICKY !!! For this, I love him even more))))
In this photo you can see a small leakage ((
Sunlight, but she could not catch sparkles with her grief-camera (((
Now look in the shade

And artificial warm light ... and "stunning beauty" frame from the same camera ...

Price: about 250 rubles
Usage time: year, irregularly
ZY: I work at school, smeared, that means, with brilliance, I am teaching a lesson in the seventh grade. The boy on the first desk stares at me for a long time.
me: "Nikita, is something wrong?"
Nikita: "Anna Andreevna, your lips are as smooth as ice")))))))))
For the fact that I received a non-standard compliment and for all other excellent gloss qualities I put him well-deserved 5))))
Thanks for attention,
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