Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack Reviews

Good day, beauties!
I recently got hooked on Korean cosmetics and cosmetics. My next goal was this tomato mask. It was painfully appetizingly painted by the manufacturer of her dignity!

Here is the full name: Tony moly Tomatox magic white massage pack - The mask clarifying and removing toxins.
Description of the manufacturer:
Tony moly tomato mask contains an extract of tomatoes and other vegetables and is designed to instantly bring the skin into excellent condition with the help of a double effect - equalization of skin tone and skin detoxification, i.e. elimination of toxins.
Bubbles of oxygen help cleanse the skin and supply it with oxygen, making the skin even, the spots noticeably brighten, and the skin looks healthy and fresh.
The mask is especially suitable for sensitive skin.
Contains vitamin A and other ingredients that help relieve swelling and irritation on the face.
This mask is suitable for skin with pigmentation, as well as dull skin due to poor blood circulation and because of bad habits of life.
Application: Apply to cleansed face and massage for a couple of minutes. Leave the mask on your face for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

My opinion:
The mask is white, applied easily, like masks with clay. But then it does not freeze tightly as they are.))) And it remains as brilliant as it were. I was pinched a little at the very beginning, when I was massaging, but it passed quite quickly. I attribute this to the fact that in front of the mask I scrubbed my face with a scrub.)) The kit comes with a funny spoon, which you need to type a mask. But I don’t use it, I just take it with my fingers. Also in the mask there are small impregnations of a scrubbing property. There are few of them, they are rarely located in the mask, but they are. When you apply the mask and massage a little, a certain effect of lung scrub is created. But since there are few of these particles, it does not pull on a full-fledged scrub, so ... stroke the face)))
As a result, all redness was minor and irritation disappeared from the face. The face has become so fresh and radiant! I also noticed that the mask remarkably removes black dots. They really brighten and clean! It's great!
I really like! As if, you know, such a rosy freshly-minded face!
In general, I recommend for the freshness of your face!))))
And of course the packaging! ABOUT! This is just a masterpiece I think. Seeing such a mask, I want to say: "Suspend me a kilogram!")))
Price: about $ 8
Duration of use: 2 months
Rating: 5

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