My daily make-up

Good afternoon, girls <
The street is finally warm, I want an unobtrusive and not heavy makeup, but so that the eyes are more expressive.
The last few weeks I often make this make up, it's simple, fast and I really like
Who cares - please
The photo:

Detailed opinion:
The cosmetics used in this make-up are very budget, of course everything can be replaced with your favorite products)
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
I made this make-up at my beloved home, and I forgot to take the base under the shade with me, so I just put a little tonal foundation on my entire eyelid and distribute it well

Then I apply the lightest shade from my palette Avon- Mocha Latte to the entire moving eyelid

Then I take a brush from ecotools for shading and put on it a bronze shade of the palette, put it on a crease and extinguish it around the eyelid

I take a white kayal from Jade and put it on the water line. It is very soft and bright.

I put on the lower line of the growth of eyelashes a dark crimson shade from the palette

Again, I take a brush for shading and pick up a light shade, apply under the eyebrow

I take my pencil from essence, I put it under the eyebrow and extinguish it with my finger.

The final touch with the eyes - apply mascara)

Made up a little cheek, applied a balm to her lips and gloss
General photo) Morning, balcony and pajamas))

Thank you for your attention. With holidays you: *

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