Bourjois Healthy Balance # 52 Vanilla Powder

Hello, beauties!
I suggest you look at a review of the novelty from Bourgeois Healthy Balance powder.
Who cares, I ask for a cut! with

Detailed opinion:
With your permission, I’ll write what the manufacturer promises:
The smoothing powder with a delicate texture, is easy to apply and almost invisible on the face, instantly evens out skin tone and provides a persistent matte effect for 10 hours. A special formula based on a cocktail of Asian fruits for caring care and a healthy radiant complexion. Suitable for all skin types and has a pleasant fruity aroma. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, approved by dermatologists.
Now I'll walk on my own according to the manufacturer's promises:
The palette contains 4 shades and this time the company did not make the lightest shade No. 51, which was characteristic of the company's previous powders and tonal creams. Hue 52 already comes with yellow, the tone of the face evens out well, powder visible on dry skin, it behaves more inconspicuously on fatty ones, it is better to apply with a brush so the coating is more natural, with a sponge it is easy to get the effect of a powdered peach. Speaking of sponge, it’s not there! Neither a sponge nor a place for a sponge in the powder is provided, which negates the concept of compact powder. If you simply put the sponge on the powder and try to close the lid, nothing will work. You have to carry a brush with you. Matting my oily T-zone for 4 hours. When updating the powder, the sponge layer is layered, but this is solved with a brush. The powder smells pleasantly with raspberries, the face does not smell at all. Pores are not clogged.
Total: I would like a lighter shade, a more ergonomic design and a sponge, and so the powder itself is very good for combination skin.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
Leather BEFORE:
Skin AFTER applying powder:
But the brush and the mirror, which were given as a gift when buying powder:
Synthetic brush, not very pleasant to the face, godlessly climbing.
Price: 89 UAH (11 $)
Test period: 2 weeks
I - Tanya, I hope, was useful to someone.