Blusher and shine for the face from tianDe

Good day, lovely girls!
I decided to share my impressions of my New Year's acquisitions: City Chic bronzing blush shade 02 and Face Gloss shade 11 (natural pearls).

First I will introduce you to the face shine:
tianDe Face Gloss shade 11 (natural pearls)
The packaging is pretty nice, the size is small, the only negative is too fragile. When handled carelessly, it is easy to break. There are two sections: the sponge is located on the top, the gloss itself is in the lower section. There is a small mirror on top of the lid.

The gloss is very friable, it is easy to apply and comfortable to blend with a sponge. The smell is ambiguous. Not pleasant and not unpleasant. It remains on the face until the end of the day. If you apply many layers, the skin may look unnatural, I prefer to apply one layer. The face is slightly browned and shines .
Here is my face without makeup:
and here it is with brilliance:

Weight 5g, price 300rub. My rating is 5-
Now we will talk about blush-bronzator tianDe City Chic bronzing blush shade 02
They are easy to apply, blending is more difficult than shine. The minus is that they crumble. The smell is unpleasant.
There are 5 colors, one of which is a shimmer. But each color also has reflective particles. They remain on the skin for a long time. They are very bright, so I apply them on my fair skin with care. To give the face a tan they are very suitable.

With their help, it is convenient to emphasize and change facial features.Here is my skin without makeup:
And here is the skin with blush (applied a little):

Weight 9g., Price 437rub. My rating is 4.
Thank you for your attention to me on the "you".

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