A-England Nail Polish Reviews

After reading the comments on my previous posts about A-England varnishes, I decided not to torment you with the expectation, especially since the photos were almost ready
So who is he, the Victorious or the Victor?
Full name of varnish: A-england saint george
Detailed opinion: When I received it, I somehow did not like it. In the bubble, it looks somehow faded, so I left it on "later." But when I opened it and applied it to my nails ... this is not color ... this is a riot of greenery! In my opinion, this is the color of the middle or end of summer, such a bright color of mature foliage and grass. Although the color is quite dark and can be worn even in winter, it will not contrast brightly with clothes, but it certainly will not leave your pens unattended. I don’t even know how to say ... is he neat or something. That is, makes the hands well-groomed, neat, bright, but unobtrusive. In general, this is not varnish, it is a delight!
But something I blabbed. But you still need to talk about its characteristics! And there is something to tell about - the varnish is as thick as the rest, BUT it is easy to apply and gives the perfect coating from the first coat! That is, in all the photos the varnish was applied in only one layer (except for one middle finger, but there I was to blame, smeared a little while it was drying. Although I applied the second layer and didn’t get the cake, the color did not change at all)
Swatch: The varnish shimmers with blue and yellow sparkles, as well as a little green
The varnish is very glossy and smooth (however, like everyone else)
Unlike the rest of the "brothers", St. George dried quickly enough. Probably because it was just one layer, not two. Today was the third day, there were no chips, the ends were slightly wiped, but only I can see this under the magnifying glass. By the way, for the purity of the experiment, I wore all the varnishes with the base, but without a top, to know the durability exactly.
And now a few "photo art"

This varnish is a winner (definitely, I love him more than others), but also a winner, since I feel more confident with him. I know for sure that my nails look great thanks to him!
Oh yes, I also promised to show the brush (regular, but so comfortable !!)
I don’t know what I’ll do if it thickens or dries, I won’t survive
Price: 9 English pounds (for me a gift - thank you, Joe!)

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