My BeYu Catwalk Star Eyeshadow 04 Natural Business Shades Chameleon

I present to you my BeYu palette. Anyone who wants to get acquainted with the products of the Artdeco subsidiary and not afraid of a large number of photos is welcome to cat.
It rarely happens, but for some reason I’m always lucky for sensible consultants of this brand and for shares. Thus, I met and was pleased with many products of BeYu, a German brand that is positioned as luxury quality cosmetics at the price of a middle market, and in general, I agree with this statement. Finally she made swatch in daylight and wrote a post.
BeYu Catwalk Star Eyeshadow 04 | Natural Business Shades.
Stylish mirrored packaging. Fingerprints remain, but I do not see a problem in this.
Pay attention to the double-sided foam sponge. On the one hand it is thinner. You can safely make up with it and in the end use only a feather brush.
In daylight, the colors very closely match those presented on the official website.
All three shades have a satin finish. The texture is silky soft. The pigment is very saturated, so you need to get used to the application. If it is inaccurate to draw a line, then it is difficult to fix it. I just lightly touched the shadows with my fingers and put it on my hand. You can see what intense shades turned out.
The photo in the daylight came out blurry, but the colors were reproduced accurately.
This is a chameleon palette. It seems to me that it will suit both cold and warm color types.
Under different lighting colors change from dark brown to metallic gray. I like that the darkest color does not give red. The intensity of the application can be adjusted. For daytime makeup, I use gray and light colors.

Electric light

Durability: at my home base for about 10 hours. After 12 hours, the socks begin to roll a little and fade, but this is not visible to others. My sister rolls down after 8 hours of socks.
Photo after 8 hours (of which 2 in the cold and 6 in a very hot room). Electric light.

Price: about 250 UAH
Test period: about 6 months.
Rating: 5
Full festive look
Electric light
But for those who are not tired of the abundance of photos and want to make sure the "chameleon" of the palette is the makeup that I did to my sister (without the darkest shade).
Daytime image
Festive. Here you can clearly see the effect of Meteorites and High Beams.
Who cares, both on me and on my sister's blush, the pencil with which I summed up the eyelash line, and the mascara - also from BeYu. Tonal - Clinique Superbalanced Makeup
Thank you for your attention, I hope not tired of the abundance of photos.

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