Guerlain Shine Automatique Hydrating Lip Shine Reviews

Hi Hi! Today I want to talk about my jewelry - Guerlain's Rouge Shine Automatique lipstick in shade No. 261 of "Rose Imperial".
Afraid of the bright colors in the photo? Welcome to kat for details!

This lipstick is my spontaneous purchase, I just needed a second lipstick, which will go to the stock for free.
Read manufacturer description: Lipstick with a “second skin” texture illuminates the contour of the lips, adorns them with exquisitely sparkling shades and generously moisturizes the skin. Three keywords express the promise of new efficiencies at the heart of Shine Automatique lipstick: gloss, transparency and color. A cocktail of sparkling mother-of-pearl particles, tone-on-tone, contrasting, red or golden, reflecting light and adorning the lips with an exquisite sparkling sparkle. The promise of transparency A very fine texture that melts on the skin of the lips and gives perfect hydration and comfort. Lips become soft, smooth and seductively shiny. Promise of color Crystal pigment, more transparent, it provides purity and brightness of shades.
Very tempting, right? And this is one of the few times when I subscribe to every word!
Many people are familiar with the mechanism of the Automatique series, so I will not describe it. I can only say that, on the one hand, it is very convenient - you don’t need a third hand to hold the cap when you have lipstick in one hand and a mirror in the other, and on the other hand, to make up your lips you need to extend the lipstick almost completely , because otherwise the case crawls on the lips. I think it will not be very convenient to use when the lipstick is mostly used.
Photo without flash, daylight.
Case made of golden plastic. It looks more than expensive. Nice to hold in your hands, nice to drive the lipstick back and forth and tint in public. To open, you need to make a little effort, but this is a big plus - I’m not afraid that my lipstick accidentally opens in a cosmetic bag and (oh horror!) Breaks.
Colour. Oh this divine color! Beautiful, juicy, pink! If we consider the stick, you can see a large number of pink shimmer and small interspersed with blue and violet. However, on the lips this beauty is not visible and completely imperceptible.
Lipstick lay on the lips in a translucent layer, like lip gloss, but not sticky. Layering can vary the color intensity, but not the density. Absolutely does not emphasize peeling, does not blur anywhere and does not roll. Holds on my lips for 3 hours without snacking, then gradually disappears.
And the smell, the smell! What I love Guerlain for, besides the masterpiece packaging, is the incredible fragrances in their products! This lipstick is never an exception.
Flash photo, daylight.

Well, enough talk, let's move on to the demonstration photo.
First of all, I want to show a closer photo of the stick, on which a beautiful shimmer is at least a little visible:

My lips nude (photo without flash, daylight):

With Guerlain Rouge Shine Automatique No. 261 "Rose Imperial"
Daylight without flash:
Daylight Flash:

All the photos show how well the lipstick went, moisturized the lips and gave them a seductive shine and excellent color!
Total. And how did I live without this lipstick before ?! In my opinion, it is ideal and universal. Is it worth the money? Hmmm ... I try not to think about it - we live once, and investing in our own appearance is quite a pleasant thing! Only now, it seems to me, it’s not at all economical. On her lips with her is comfortable, as if nothing had happened!
Rating: 5+  
Test period: day.
Price: 1,549 rubles to L'Etoile.
And finally, the full image:

Many thanks to everyone for viewing, reading and rating!
Be beautiful every day!
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