Varnish No. 7 Stay Perfect - Violetta 70

This varnish came to me from London, I asked my friend to bring me a scarlet varnish of any unknown brand from across the sea :) for good luck.
And the surprise was a success :)
I got No. 7 Stay Perfect- Violetta 70
I'll start with the description of color, in life it has a classic violet hue, like a violet or pansies, but the camera refused to catch this reddish note at all, and the difference in lighting did not help at all.
this photo is not mine
The varnish is quite thick, very similar in texture to the Sally Hansen INSTA-DRY series. The brush is as wide and flat.
The first layer, as always, mercilessly strips, the second lays down as a mirror.
In the photo, varnish without a top, even in the shade, it looks brilliant.
managed to catch a ray of sunshine :)
The best compliment to the coverage was questions like "Where's Shellac?" :)
But there are cons, as well as a delicate flower, this handsome man does not live long on his nails.
The photo was taken on the 2nd day, and a white strip along the edge is already clearly visible.
In defense, I can only say that my nails are soft, and varnishes do not live on me for a long time.
The term of use is 3 weeks.
My rating: 4 for durability.
Price: approximately 7 pounds.
Come to me, Lyudmila.

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