Black nails, passionate nails

Well, about blackness, I lied a little, they are just dark. Well, as for passion - not at all. I bring to your attention two beautiful dark shades from the Color Style Marigold series, I probably already got them all, but the varnishes are really wonderful:

The colors are pretty similar in bottles, I generally bought No. 185 thinking it was No. 194))
(left No. 185, right No. 194)
A few words about the varnishes themselves, for which I love them:
1. The texture. I repeat, I do not like thick creams, there is little that infuriates me more in the world. Therefore, I prefer liquid varnishes with a shimmer. As you can see, in both of these varnishes a shimmer is enough.
2. Really beautiful colors. In general, lately rarely has that caught me. Most of the varnish series (cheap varnishes, I’m not ready to pay a lot of money for varnishes) are full of classic colors, and on the shelves with Marigold it’s always very interesting))) from number 194 my acquaintance with these varnishes began. In addition, most shimmer lacquers from the collection have weak chameleonism, and I’m not the first to notice it. in the sun you can catch interesting overflows, and I love such deep colors with a surprise.
3. Fast drying. Whatever you say, this parameter is important to me, even despite the presence of drying.
4. Hassle-free. The brush is right under me, it’s very convenient for me to apply it, the flaws are minimal. Most of the colors look very dignified in one layer, even light colors, but religion doesn’t allow me to wear less than 2 layers)). They lay down smoothly, smoothly, do not bubble (though, there are such bases on which everything that they want is bubbling up). They can be easily erased (this is also important for me, I often repaint and, of course, I don’t need these problems with nail polish).
Perhaps the only (conditional) minus is that these varnishes themselves are not very persistent. No, there will be no chips on the first day, but, say, on the 3rd day you can already see the edge of the nail. But a) if it is without a top b) I like variety, it’s somehow not very interesting for me to wear varnish for more than 2-3 days. I don’t like to bother on weekends, yes, but I have enough varnish for the weekend.
Let's go.
Marigold Color Style # 194
This is the color of wet asphalt. There is nothing more to say.

Marigold Color Style # 185
very dark gray (well, or light black) with tiny colorful sparks:

here, many noticed an ebb in greenery, but, girls, took a picture near the green wall, so this is just a reflection)) the varnish has an overflow in purple, but it is noticeable in the dark under electric light. Well, this is so as not to be misleading))

Assessment of varnishes: 5. there is nothing to reduce.
such a beauty. Such a variation is always more interesting than pure black varnishes (even interspersed with silver lights), what do you think? Do you like dark varnishes yourself?

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