Essie collection spring. About Essy not with love

Hello beauties! Today I will share with you my opinion about Essy’s spring collection, which I managed to get to know. A cube with miniatures for me, lacomaniac, ideal. After all, this is an opportunity to get more flowers for less money. Plus, varnishes of small capacity, do not have time to get bored. Here is a cube waiting for me in the package
For a month I tried all four shades and I hasten to share my impressions.
First, I’ll say the general characteristics - the brush is very small and uncomfortable compared to the standard one.
Now arrange a "debriefing" for each representative)
1) Essie Ole caliente.
Beautiful red. Very bright, looks great in 1 layer. A brush such that it is impossible not to smear the cuticle ((Well, I already spoke about this. It dries medium. 5-7 minutes, one layer, Very unstable. Chips on the first day, sad ... It doesn’t wash off very well, it stains your fingers, you have to pass it on the skin liquid.
We look at the photo

The price is approximately 700 r set
Grade 4-
2) Essie tour de finance
Bright pink shade with pink and purple microschimmer. Easy to apply, not bald. Keeps standard for me-2 days, so no complaints. It is erased without problems. The only negative is if you make up for the night, there will be dents, and this is sad.

The price is approximately 700 rubles per set
Grade 4
3) Essie to buy or not to buy
Here he is my main disappointment! Stunningly beautiful color in the bottle, delicate lavender with a shimmer-mica. Amazing, fabulous ... But when they start to paint their nails, the tale ends and the action begins) Who complained about Mimosa? I also have it, and it’s just a miracle compared to THIS. Hmmm ... Where to start ... Well, first bald. Fearfully! To get something sane, you have to apply varnish in a bold layer and so that your hands do not tremble. If you bald, nothing will fix it. Secondly, due to the complex application, it looks heterogeneous. Thirdly, it breaks off very quickly and in the most unexpected places. And in the fourth bubble! Phew! It is washed off unpleasantly, when erased it is similar to lilac milk. In general, if you are ready to endure 3 layers, applied with great difficulty, then you can pay attention to it because of the color. Another cons-beautiful shimmer on the nails is not visible. Absolutely. It also ends very quickly, but in this case it is a plus) We look at it

Awesome shimmer

Covered with your favorite navel coating
But how much is 5 ml left in the bottle after 3 uses (manicure + pedicure in 3 bold layers)
The price is approximately 700 r set
Grade-3 --- only for color, impossible to use
4) Essie navigate her
Ooh, my favorite. such a nice pistachio color! According to the characteristics, mediocre, normally applied, well erased, lasts 2 days. At first it was difficult to get used to the shade, but now I often walk it.

The price is approximately 700 rubles per set
Rating is the only five, although it is not perfect.
In the end, I want to say that my friendship with Essy did not work out. The standard bottle didn’t really suit me according to the characteristics, but the miniatures didn’t deliver any joy. Terribly uncomfortable brush and lame quality.
Therefore, the overall assessment of recruitment 4-
Thanks to everyone who mastered
Your Lena

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