Wonderful handsome - varnish Pupa N607

Somehow I wandered into Rive Gauche and in order to cheer up (whoever doesn’t sin, throw something at me) I went to choose a hundred-hundredth varnish for myself =) The choice fell on the Pup stand with their small but very pretty varnishes. And, about happiness, here it is mine (my lovely-s-ssst!).

The varnish brush is thin, it’s easy to paint, but I like it more widely, like Rimmel’s.
The varnish in the application is not capricious, in one layer it looks decent, but still a little shines through. Well, we don’t like this and, of course, apply the 2nd layer. Voila!

Girls, I can’t pinpoint the color, but it is very beautiful, with lots of small silver shimmer. The finish is satin, a little rough, but that fixes the drying. In the sock he showed himself decently, the tips began to wear off for 3 days. To remove the nail polish, you need to make some efforts, because the shimmer didn’t want to part with me at all. The skin around the fingers does not stain.
The post also "lit up" a couple of assistants:
The cost of varnish: about 150 rubles. (I won’t tell you for sure).
Testing period: month.
Rating: 5 - (for a little difficulty when removing).
My name is Julia.

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