On vacation with Shellac No. 15 Masquerade

Again, I could not resist Shellac. Moreover, vacation is a very powerful argument when you need to forget about simple worldly concerns for a while and indulge in bliss.

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The hero of my post today is Shellac UV Gelcoat # 15 Masquerade
Here's what it looks like on the Shellac palette:
And here is the bottle:
Photos taken from here
I believe that the photo on the palette is not entirely true. This color is soooooooo ... Maroon, with a small shimmer that can hardly be seen at first glance. But we still try. In the shade it looks brownish, in general it is gorgeous. I have already done it many times, and this time it was not for nothing that the choice fell on him.
In the photo, a pedicure - about 10 days, a manicure - a week, has already begun to grow, I missed a little the moment of its most advantageous appearance, but the essence, I think, is understandable.
in the sun

meager sun without it:

consider shimmer:

Rating: 5
Price: 1400 hands, 2000 feet, with manicure and pedicure, respectively.
How do you like this color?
I - Lena, to me on the "you".

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