Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer Reviews

There are few pink shines - for some reason, all the time I want more and more, different shades, brands and textures ... Bagatelle (and this is the name of the tone of this Chanel shine) in French means "trinket", and he is like that - cute, moderately pink and moderately sparkling, quite simple, but pleasant.

Opinion: Pleasant in texture, completely odorless, giving a light shade to the lips with a hint of golden glimpses. In the tube, it looks like barbie-pink with pronounced golden inclusions. On the lips it looks paler, translucent and glossy. It flickers quite a lot in the sun, but, in my opinion, it still looks very reserved. It helps to create a romantic image) For some reason, it’s a little inconvenient to apply - unlike my other brothers Chanel Levres Scintillantes, which I have several - when removing from a tube on the applicator a very small amount of gloss is delayed.

Test period: 3 days
Rating: 5-
Estimated cost: 1300 rub

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