My Matte Nogotki

Good day, dear girls!
I want to show you my small collection of matte varnishes from Nogotok a series Velvet matte.

When something goes wrong in life or just got the wrong foot, I like to go to the store and buy myself a new varnish.
One of these days I went to "Eve" ... and noticing the new product, grabbed two nude varnishes.
Full name of varnish: Nogotok Velvet matte No. 011
Detailed opinion: Varnish immediately became my favorite! The shade is light brown-gray, great for workdays! The brush is wide, quite comfortable. Stripes a little in one layer, but everything is fixable;) In general, it lays well, dries the same. During the month of use, the drying time increased slightly. Pretty persistent - 4 days without any changes.
In daylight

Price: about 10 UAH
Rating: five! Worthy varnish!
Full name of varnish: Nogotok Velvet matte No. 002
Detailed opinion: Varnish immediately interested me in that he was different from his brothers - he is pearly! I’ve already begun to imagine how my nails turn into a “matte shell”. But it was not there. Since it is very rare for me to apply the varnish evenly and accurately, my “chosen ones” should be perfect. This one is quite moody. It does not fit evenly, even the second layer does not really correct the situation. For some reason, it dries longer than the first. I had never been friends with mother of pearl, but I thought dullness would improve our relationship.
Unfortunately, the sun has not spoiled us in recent days ... it was not possible to convey the entire effect of the varnish.

Price: about 10 UAH
Rating: 4 (I think that more skilled housewives will be able to cope with it)
When there is a holiday on my street or just a good mood ... I also like to go to the store and buy a varnish! :)
On one of these days, I bought two fun, summer, matte "friends."
Full name of varnish: Nogotok Velvet matte No. 005
Detailed opinion: This color I call fun-coral. Among the bright varnishes I have several variations of this shade, well, I really like it! On nails it looks a bit darker than in a jar. According to its properties, it completely repeats the first varnish, maybe a little inferior in resistance (it turns a little pale and the wear on the tips is more noticeable).

Price: about 10 UAH
Rating: 5!
Full name of varnish: Nogotok Velvet matte No. 006
Detailed opinion: I grabbed this varnish under the dress that I wore at one event. She painted only a few times, but also did not notice any special flaws.

Price: about 10 UAH
Rating: 5- (I don’t really like that color)
Recently, I am very pleased with the brand Nogotok. For a small price, you can wear your nails in new and pretty pretty colors every day.
Thanks for attention!