Lingonberry Lip Lacquer - Lipstick "Liquid Gloss" from Lumene (shade 03)

Hi girls!
The weather outside is terrible, I have a day off and so I decided to write a post about one new thing!
I was looking for a varnish lipstick from Artdeco in my city, but there was no suitable shade. And I decided to try a new product from Lumene.
Who cares, please, under the cat.
The photo:

From the manufacturer:
Even more brilliance, rich color and seductive smiles!
Lipstick gives lips a delightful glossy gloss and fashionable juicy color that makes the lips visually more voluminous! Creates an even, durable coating. Thanks to its delicate creamy texture, it fits perfectly on the lips without creating a sticky effect.
Arctic lingonberry seed oil effectively moisturizes delicate lip skin. A soft brush ensures even color distribution, the result is voluminous and clearly defined lips!
No parabens.
Detailed opinion:
So, we will sort in order.
1) "delightful glossy gloss and fashionable juicy color"
What is, cannot be taken away. For a long time there was a style in the Rive Gaucher - the colors are all very saturated, bright, dense. Glossiness also did not disappoint, lips so beautifully glare, beauty and only)) I really like this effect of moist, alluring lips!
2) "creates an even and dense coating"
Here you can argue. The coverage is still not perfect and there are some inconveniences.
It takes a very long time to apply gloss to evenly paint your lips, and in some places some bald spots still appear, but in life this is not very visible. Only under macro photography.
3) "does not create a sticky effect"
Well, this is of course the manufacturer exaggerated. Shine is quite persistent, withstands snacks, tea drinking. And so it cannot be sticky. In windy weather, wearing it is a complete test (((
Without a pencil, gloss has a tendency to spread, and it’s difficult to even draw a contour without a pencil, the transition is too noticeable.
The brush is not very convenient for me, it seems to me that using a sponge to apply gloss would be much more convenient (by the way, try).
In general, I can say that I am satisfied with the purchase, now I want to try a lighter shade. Although complex with shades, they are all a bit of the same type, similar to each other.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):

Electric light:

Price: about 130 rubles at the yellow price tag in the RG, what is the price now I do not know
Test period: month
Thank you for your attention, I hope the post was useful!

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