Cheap Essence lip liners: Lipstick No. 49 (Like A Lady) and Xxxl shine lipgloss, No. 05 (super girl)

Hello dear beauticians! Today I want to again share the joy of my very, very budget purchases! It's about fudge and shine from Essence, which is quite popular here. Who cares, go under the cut
I'll start with fudge.
Full product name in English: Essence Lipstick No. 49 Like a Lady
Swatch on hand, lipstick on the right, gloss on the left Photo on the lips:
here is daylight
Well, and a couple more)
Detailed opinion:
Lipstick really pleased me! Bright color, fits well, durability is also quite decent. Soft, does not dry lips, I don’t feel any discomfort when wearing. In general, some solid pluses. Definitely, this is my number one lipstick for this summer
Grade 5 Next I’ll talk about brilliance
Full product name in English: XXXL Shine Lipgloss No. 05 (super girl)
I really wanted a beautiful shine with flickering particles. After complete disappointment at YSL, Golden gloss decided to buy something cheaper. My choice fell on this particular product. Swatchin this photo you can see the very glitter, for which I bought it. Shine is applied with a sponge, which is not the most convenient for me (
Well, on the lips

Detailed opinion: Not the worst gloss. He justified the money spent on him. But it’s not so flickering, to be honest, stupid, of course, comparing it with luxury products, but still even YSL is much more beautiful able to shimmer in the sun) And the color completely disappears after application to the lips. Not persistent.
Of the pluses, I can not help but note that it is not sticky at all, the spangles on the lips are not noticeable, it does not spread.
I will put him 4+.
In the end, I’ll say that I already managed to become a big fan of this German brand, I already bought myself a bronzer, eyeliner, felt-tip pen, gel eyeliner, blush and eye shadow for smokey eyes) So wait in the near future for more posts, if you are of course interested. Thank you all for your attention. I am Natasha, you are with me)

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