Delicate porcelain Orly Pure Porcelain

Good day, lovely girls!
I want to tell you about one of the most unusual inhabitants of my varnish cosmetic bag -

ORLY Pure Porcelain.

Orly Pure Porcelain 40742

The spring of 2011 gave us many bright colors and unusual shades, Pure Porcelain is no exception. I am not the first to notice its unusualness. The beautician already has a post about this shade.
I'm color blind, I never get tired of repeating this)) I can’t make out some of the nuances of color, but this varnish struck me. For me, it changes color just before my eyes - it's some kind of magic. I look at my nails, I see a gentle-tender-tender-lilac, and after a couple of seconds, when the eye adapts, the shade changes to pale pink, and sometimes to beige ... It all depends on the lighting, but this lilac-haired haunts me. Some kind of visual illusion.
In general, I'm happy with the varnish. A very delicate, porcelain hue, 2 layers is enough for full coverage, excellent durability - offset.

tried to catch a lilac shade for a long time, but somehow it didn’t work out particularly well

Price: OK. 270 rub
Rating: 5!
Thanks for attention. Katya.

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