Rainbow bell Kleancolor nail lacquer Chunky Holo Bluebell No. 235

I don’t know why the manufacturer called this varnish a bell when it’s just space in a bottle! Come and see for yourself, in the main photo he looks too tender, but this is far from the case ...

Full name of varnish:
Kleancolor nail lacquer Chunky Holo Bluebell No. 235
Detailed opinion:
The varnish has a very light blue substrate and as an independent varnish does not exist, but as an excellent top - it is quite wearable. The smell is a little not traditional in my understanding, it smells nice unlike many varnishes. The varnish does not dry very quickly, at the beginning of the purchase it was thick, but I diluted it a little. In the beginning I applied it to dark varnishes, but for some reason I wanted it on sky blue) on the nails it is very difficult to catch all the overflows with one hand, so I'll show it in all its glory in a bottle)

And now on the nails:

And the previous options with which I wore it:

Price: 26 UAH (~ 3.1 $)
Rating: 5

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