Zoya Diva / Designer Collection Fall 2012. Autumn collection of varnishes Zoya 2012

Good day to all!
The passing showers, which wet my summer mood along with the clothes, inspired sadness and, as usual, hinted at the inevitability of autumn. Therefore, today is absolutely not a summer post, who does not want to cool - postpone reading until September :)
Well, now about the main thing

The autumn collection of Zoya varnishes, like the summer one, is divided into two parts overlapping with each other.
Diva are shimmer varnishes.
Designer - laconic monophonic shades.
In each part of the collection, six varnishes of classic shades are presented. I didn’t see supernovae, but nevertheless I liked almost all the colors. The deep, subdued shades of dark colors reminded me of late autumn, probably November. I liked their severity - in the cold season, such colors are always relevant. Daul, perhaps a very beautiful shimmer varnish of an intriguing shade, makes some variety in the slender range of colors. Red is beautiful as always, no matter how many shades of red are repeated in new collections - they always attract the eye
Zoya Diva Daul / Elisa

A very beautiful combination of dark turquoise and the tiniest gold shimmer in FeiFei pleasantly surprised me, I also liked the still-unshaven dark shade of green Ray.
Zoya Diva FeiFei / Ray

I liked Song blue lacquer the most, the purest shade of blue with a very beautiful shimmer shine And a very deep purple Suri, I am not a fan of this color, but I would definitely buy this shade.
Zoya Diva Song / Suri

Now let's look at the second part of the Zoya Designer collection.
The following two varnishes in my opinion look stylish and noble, these are the two colors with which I most associate cold late autumn, a warm sweater and a cup of coffee with chocolate)
Zoya Designer Evvie / Monica

I would have acquired a very nice shade of blue Natty without hesitation, a very universal color, as they say in the feast and the world)) but the gray Noot seemed so piercingly sad that I would never have bought it
Zoya Designer Natty / Noot

Well, what could be better than a classic red Rekha? Perhaps only the mysterious plum Toni. I would not be able to choose between them))
Zoya Designer Rekha / Toni

Here's a collection from Zoya. Smooth, elegant, classic example of autumn restraint.
I could not resist and presented a collection of Zoya varnishes in combination with clothes :) The duet this time turned out to be very consonant both literally and figuratively))
The fall outfit collection by Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe is as concise, restrained and elegant as the Zoya varnish collection. Comfortable and always appropriate classic.

Completes the Zoya NYFW Gloss Collection Fall 2012 collection. Three glossy varnishes that can be used both independently and as a topcoat for other varnishes.

Zoya frida The photo shows how to apply varnish from one to four layers.

Zoya paloma

Zoya katherine Varnish in 4 layers.
Quite interesting varnishes in terms of improvisation, though they take doubts about the quality of application in 1-2 layers. but this can only be verified empirically))
And now it’s interesting to know your opinion, dear girls))
The post used materials and
I cannot but add an interesting historical background: the founder of Zoya is the Russian pianist Zoya Reyzis, who moved to America with her husband Mikhail. She mastered the new profession of a manicure master, and her husband began to work on the invention of safe and high-quality varnishes. Talented people are talented in everything) Lucky Zoya does not contain formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate.

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