My first anti-cellulite battle with Collistar

Here he got to me. A post about my first experience of anti-cellulite struggle with the help of means:
Intensive Anticellulite Serum Collistar, Collistar Night Treatment, Intensive Firming Cream Collistar

I am not ready to upload photos of problem areas to demonstrate what exactly I fought with. I will describe it this way: small tubercles when pressing the skin or squeezing it with your fingers. This is with regards to the front of the thighs. On the inside there are large “rollers” that sadden my gaze. On the back of the thighs from the initial stage, this infection gradually turns into a more pronounced, just because of it I went to the store.
Before buying the system, I did not particularly read reviews about different brands and products. Somewhere on a subconscious level, I knew that I would start with this particular brand. Marketing may have done its job, but I decided to start with a day and night funds system, I was also given a firming cream as a gift, or rather, it was put into a box for each of them, so I bought a lot of money and went home for treatment
Let's start with the day.
Intensive Anticellulite Serum Collistar - Intensive Anti-Cellulite Serum
This tool was advised to me as an emergency, "for those who already need to go to the beach tomorrow and the skin is still not in order." Of course, I was seduced.
But there was another reason for the choice. As a daily remedy for Collistar, I did not find anything interesting. I do not like neither cooling nor warming creams. Why rape the skin? If you shove something better than an interesting composition, rather than play with my vessels, letting me know what I paid for. The principle "I feel, it means it works" is not for me
In general, having learned that this product will not try to warm or cool the skin, I confidently carried it home.
Although it is called serum, I call it cream gel.
A thick, turbid green color, has an unobtrusive odor, and an excellent cream gel texture.
Average absorption rate. I put it on my hips once a day in the morning. Instantly it does not go into the skin, for about two minutes it is moist.
At this time, I massage the skin with my fingers or with a massage brush until completely absorbed.
Great wide dispenser. Direct pleasure in use, which can not be said about the bottle of night remedy (about it below).
Even in 30+ degree heat, clothes do not stick to the body. No discomfort and smell, no greasy marks.
Do not expect a wow effect after the first use. To improve the condition of the skin, it will take at least 1 week of use in the morning and in the evening if you use only this serum without other auxiliary products.
Rating: 5+ (since this is the first tool and there is nothing to compare with)
Price: about $ 60 for 200 ml
Collistar Night Treatment - Super Concentrated Night Anti-Cellulite
The manufacturer claims that this serum is actively working while we sleep. Well, let's start with the application. A terribly uncomfortable bottle with a stupid dropper. Although it is large, it still lacks two-time and even three-time sets to apply on all hips. At the same time, one of the hands is sticky and the second one has to be used alone.
After the second use, I poured the product into a jar with a soap dispenser and threw out my native bottle.
Unusually sticky, slightly viscous bright green serum. But on the skin it becomes transparent.
Absorbed for more than 3 minutes.
The smell is unpleasant. He reminded me of the smell of fish brine, coupled with the medicinal, sorry for the association. Well, at least after 5-10 minutes it disappears. Or I quickly fall asleep. The bed does not get dirty, but some nighties can then give off this smell.
The ritual of application is the same as the day: massage to the finish.
It seems to me that this tool alone is not very effective, and therefore I would not buy it for single use at night.
In addition, it ends very quickly, right before our eyes.
Rating: 3
Price: 55 $ for 200 ml
Collistar Speciale Corpo Perfetto Intensive Firming Cream - Intensive Firming & Firming Cream
Collistar Speciale Corpo Perfetto
Intensive firming cream
Intensive firming and firming cream

As I said, I got it as a gift for the action. The jar looks like in the above photo, and gift options come in tubes of 100 g. In order not to be confused if someone is interested, I decided to use a photo of a full measure in my post.
Since I apply serum in the morning and nightly concentrate in the evening, I could not squeeze this firming cream for a long time into the schedule. And so it lies until the first, or at least one of them, ends. In principle, it is conceived for use after the main system as a supporting and strengthening tool.
The cream is white with a thin, light smell, which made me very happy. I do not like the suffocating smells of body creams.
Very gentle, melting, when applied, it is quickly absorbed, moisturizes the skin well, makes it very soft and pleasant to the touch. After absorption, it is slightly elastic.
Soaked up
So far, my opinion about him after 4-5 times of test applications is only positive.
Rating: 5
Price: store promotion gift
A full-sized jar costs about $ 57 for 400ml
The result after 3 weeks of using day and night funds: thigh skin smooth, tightened (not to be confused with stretched), soft. The small tubercles on the back of the hips are gone. But the big boulders on the inside of the hips are still in place. You can’t help with cream alone. Exercises to help me. So the war against this byaka was not won completely in the first battle.
The result of use for me is very visual since at the moment, apart from passive swimming in the sea, I was not doing anything else (from sports or other loads). Meals: exclusively home cooking based on fish, vegetables, lean meat and fruits.
In general, I am satisfied, I do not regret the money spent, but I will look for a replacement for the nightly facility.
That's all for today, hello everyone

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