Red lovely Orly Haute Red

Today I wanted to show my favorite from the red family.
Despite the fact that this shade is not new to me, it appeared recently, provoking love at first sight. As soon as I saw him on a shelf in the store, I realized - here he is - the fish red lacquer of my dreams!
Many sing him laudatory odes, well, absolutely deservedly. I join the admirers of this beautiful varnish and invite everyone to the cut!

Full name of varnish: Orly No. 40001 Haute Red
Detailed opinion: This varnish is a complete delight. Light jelly texture with rich color. Deep red, clean, but sometimes I see a coral note. It fits perfectly from the 1st layer, but it can shine through the free edge of the nail, so I apply the 2nd layer. Durability is ideal - up to a week. 3-4 days even without abrasion of the tips. It is a pleasure to apply the varnish - it is liquid - and if desired, you can always adjust the thickness and density of the applied layers.
The only negative - if your hand trembles or the varnish leaks onto the skin - wiping it off will be problematic. Because because of its incredible brightness, he paints everything around. But this is rather not a minus, but a feature of the shade. But be careful when painting.

Artificial (its saturation and color are almost unchanged under different types of lighting)

And another option is how I like to wear it + refresh a manicure in tandem with Dance Legend mica
On the photo, manicure 5 days.

Price: 350 p.
Rating: 5 +

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