Givenchy Gloss Interdit Ultra Shiny Color Plumping Effect - reviews

Hello beauties!
I recently (in winter) received such a wonderful present in the form of lip gloss from GIVENCHY and I was almost satisfied with it.
I have it in miniature, only 3.5 ml. Nevertheless, it will last for a long time, with active use from the winter, almost nothing has decreased:
Its texture is not liquid and not thick - of medium consistency, the smell is so kind of fondant, without any fruit impurities, stickiness is present, but it's not so bad, it sticks a lot). It keeps on lips with dignity, even after a snack it is still in place, does not roll, does not flow anywhere, generally behaves normally. The color is called Rose Taboo.

My bare lips:
Lip Gloss:

My rating is 5, but for a little stickiness I will deprive it of its advantages.
Price: gift, seen in a store for 1400r.
Testing period: since winter
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