L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Extra Black - reviews

Today I’ll show you what mascara I have in my makeup bag.
Eye photo:
1. L'OREAL Volume Million Lashes Extra-Black Mascara Extra Million Extra Black
The brush is large, rubber. I did not have problems with it, it colors well and stains eyelashes.
What it looks like before our eyes:

Detailed opinion: when I first made up my eyelashes - I liked her. But as soon as several hours passed, she began to crumble. And so - it is convenient in application, the brush quite suits me. The color is really extra black. In one layer - it is none, you have to dye eyelashes many times. After a couple of months of use, my eyes became very tired of her. Literally immediately after application - eye fatigue is felt, the eyelids become heavy. The smell is very pungent. This mascara is my last purchase by Loreal, very often the company disappointed me.
Term of use: about 4 months
Price: about 120 UAH
Rating: 3
2. Mascara Max Factor False Lash Effect Gold False Eyelash Effect
The tube of mascara is very wide, but here's what the brush looks like:
It is also wide, rubber with short bristles.
What it looks like before our eyes:

Detailed opinion: the consultant sucked in my ink while I was standing at the Max Factor stand. She was then on the stock, and I took a test. The brush seemed uncomfortable to me, you can charge it with short bristles in your eye. Paints, as for me, not very. And so, it lies well on the eyelashes, it crumbles a little after 5 hours. This mascara also irritates my eyes a little.
Term of use: 3 months
Price: about 120 UAH.
Rating: 3
3. Faberlic "I Love Mascara" Super Volume Mascara

Brush more than the previous two.
In front of my eyes:

Detailed opinion: the brush is big for me. Painting with it is not too convenient, a great chance to stain the eyelid. Glues eyelashes a little and leaves lumps, crumbles in a few hours. And where is the super volume that we were promised? He is not there! But, unlike the previous two, it does not irritate my eyes.
Term of use: month
Price: 55 UAH
Rating: 3
You can compare the brushes:

These are the losers I have, but they taught me:
1) stop using Loreal cosmetics
2) do not listen to consultants
Thanks for attention.