My first yellow with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Mellow Yellow

Good day!
Today I want to talk about the varnish from Sally Hansen in which I unfortunately was very disappointed!
And so having seen enough posts with yellow varnishes, I ran to look for myself, too =)

Detailed opinion:
My choice fell on Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Mellow Yellow
Well, the color, however, is bright yellow as I wanted, although it looks rather pale in the jar, but on the hands in three layers it looks very bright.
His brush is quite narrow, which makes the application of varnish very convenient on all nails.
Brush photo:
On the brush and color, the pluses seem to me to be downloaded.
His durability is terrible, he does not hold out for one day so as not to begin to get off his tips. In the first two layers it seems to be tolerated, but still I want to apply the third one, otherwise there is not enough color density, which is exactly what I am doing.
The varnish dries too very long even with drying.
But the biggest disappointment was when it still dried, I noticed that all the nails were in small bubbles. From far away this is certainly not visible, but it doesn’t look very close to aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, I decided to coat them with glitter varnish on top ... it looks much better and the varnish durability due to glitter is extended to at least two days.
In daylight opposite the window:

In daylight in a room:

And so the varnish looks with sparkles applied from above in daylight opposite the window:

Price: about 10 $
Rating: 4-

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