La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Masque Soothing Rehydrating Mask Reviews

Winter. Siberia.
What associations come to your mind? To me personally, something like this: “Once in the icy winter season I left the forest, there was a severe frost” ... N.A. Nekrasov.
Here I look outside the window snow, even a snowstorm. People run, covering their faces with collars, or hands in mittens, someone turns away from the gusty wind and goes with his back. A familiar picture? And painfully familiar to me. It seems to go a couple of meters from the parking lot, but during this time you damn everything and everyone! I come home, and at home hefty such a radiator, my husband is in shorts, and the child crawls naked on the warm floor. Everything seems to be fine, but after the primary bliss in the warmth, it becomes uncomfortable, something with a face?
And again, a picture familiar to many.
Now about myself. I am 29 years old (about 30 years old), my skin is dry, sometimes very dry. Conditions: on the street -30, at home +28 (dry air). And 3 more times a week, a pool with bleach, or not with bleach, but something wildly drying and irritating the skin of the face and entire body.
This year, I noticed that I began to approach the mirror more often and look at my face dangerously close. And so what I see there. A mesh of fine facial wrinkles around the eyes. And the look of the skin as a whole, as if it were paper, is such a thin parchment, and nothing under it.
Without thinking twice, I decide to send my stops to the pharmacy. After consulting with a consultant, I acquired these funds:
1. NUTRITIC by LA ROCHE-POSAY ultralight emulsion for dry skin
From the manufacturer:
Act. Nutritic cream emulsion for dry skin from La Roche-Posé provides high-quality skin hydration. The cream has an ultra-light texture, which is easy to apply and spread on the skin, provides immediate saturation of the skin with nutrients. The emulsion removes peeling of the skin, eliminates its redness, relieves dryness, restoring self-defense, and helps relieve stress from the skin. The cream is intended for use in any climatic conditions, provides good skin tolerance in cold weather and summer heat. It quickly smoothes the skin surface and moisturizes it well.
Result. Nutritic cream emulsion for dry skin improves the appearance of the skin.
Mode of application. It is applied in the morning and / or evening on the entire face.
Composition: My opinion: I don’t know what the results will be after a month, but now the primary impression is even nothing. The cream is absorbed instantly, does not leave a greasy shine, the foundation perfectly fits on it. Leaves a feeling of being on the skin. It is not visible but it is felt. As if you are sitting in a bath for example)) and there is light perspiration on the skin. I can’t say for sure that I don’t like it, I just have this feeling. Perhaps this is how girls with oily skin feel)))
Rating: 5
2. HYDRAPHASE MASQUE by LA ROCHE-POSAY intensive moisturizer
From the manufacturer:
Hydraphase mask (Hydraphase) is used for severe dehydration of the skin, it has an intensive moisturizing effect due to the combination of sodium salt of hyaluronic acid and special moisturizing components.
High concentration of La Roche-Posay thermal water, which has a natural calming and soothing effect.
Application Tips: Apply a thick layer on the skin of the face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes until completely absorbed. Remove excess. Do not apply on eye area.
Composition: Aqua • glycerin • alcohol denat. • butyrospermum parkii / shea butter • dimethicone • cyclohexasiloxane • paraffinum liquidum / mineral oil • peg-2 stearate • cetyl alcohol • peg-100 stearate • glyceryl stearate • nylon-12 • polysorbate 60 • dimethiconol • tea-carbomer • tocopheryl acetate linoleate • hydrolyzed lupine protein • sodium hyaluronate • xanthan gum • glyceryl oleate • disodium edta • glyceryl linolenate • ci 42090 / blue 1 • citric acid • phenoxyethanol • methylparaben • ethylparaben • propylparaben • butylparaben • parfum
My opinion: The mask is just a miracle! For the first time I see, and would not have believed if I hadn’t seen it myself. The skin as if swallows it, that is, it is there, and now it is not there, we apply it again, and again the same result. Her skin eats !!! The mask is not the dense thick consistency that I used to see in the mask, but a very light and translucent emulsion. The consultant advised not to use the entire mask at once, but to apply it at night, as a night cream with only a thicker layer. And so a week, and then twice a week.
Rating: 5 ++ (I will still buy)
I am taking my leave for the sim. I really hope that my post will help sisters on dry skin.
PS: This is my first post, I hope for your support

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