Calvin Klein Delicious Pout Flavored Lip Gloss # LG21 Tangerine Shimmer

I’ll continue to talk about sparkles, the hero of this post will be Calvin Klein Delicious Pout Flavored Lip Gloss, which I received as a gift when ordering on strawberries.

Before using this shine, I was not familiar with Calvin Klein cosmetics. On strawberries, I chose the brightest shade, usually I use neutral colors in the makeup of the lips. In the tube, the sparkle is bright orange, gold sparkles-sparkles are visible in vain; the name translates into flickering mandarin:

Detailed opinion: the gloss has a hard plastic packaging, the lid is simply removable. but does not unscrew, under the lid there is a plastic spout-dispenser:

Oddly enough, but it’s quite convenient for them to shine. It feels like a luster similar to lancome juicy tubes, just as thick and sticky. But due to this, he is very persistent, will stand quietly on his lips for 5-6 hours, even with a bite. It has a pronounced sweet taste that remains on the lips after application, for some it can be a significant minus. In the tube, the shade is very bright, on the lips is not so nuclear, but the lip pigment is still slightly overlapping and makes the lips bright. In my opinion, shine is more suitable for summer than for winter.
In winter, he looks pink-orange on his lips:
And in the summer, orange-coral:
Gloss does not flow into the folds, the lips look glossy:

I enjoy using it in the summer, lips with it are bright, but not screaming:

Price: about 500 rub
Test period: a little over six months
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