Mylotkek Intensively moisturizing sunscreen for oily skin Veil SPF 10

I, like many, neglect sunscreen for the face, as they often cause discomfort due to greasy and dense texture. But as a conscious person, I buy funds containing SPF and try to make friends with them.
Initially, I did not have a friendship with a fluid. He was so handsome in the photo in the online store Myloteka that I just caught fire: "I want him!" And so he came to me. I paid more attention to this cone than to other cosmetics. Well, they didn’t want to leave me beautiful photos. Not a photogenic fluid turned out to be. Having scored on aesthetics, I decided to start testing, and again a bummer! Is it a sunscreen? So you need to make the body in the sun and check. I did so, we took a swimsuit with the fluid and headed to the cottage ... where it was wet in the rain.
Do you know that weekend rain syndrome has a scientific explanation? It turns out that over a week industrial emissions accumulate in the atmosphere, which by Saturday-Sunday get to their critical mass and pour rain on our tired heads. Yeah, pundits have proven, but I thought it was under the law of meanness.
Riding back and forth and not getting the fluid out of the bag, I was offended by the weather, decided that we would not wait for mercy, we would use sunscreen in cloudy weather, especially since the manufacturer warns that stronger funds are needed for the beach.
And then unexpected joy awaited me. And here ... The intractable fluid turned out to be just a find! ... Very economical, it’s literally a drop across the face, and ... completely dull skin for the whole day! It also visibly tightens the pores! I thought it would be a means only for going out in the sun, but as a result I unexpectedly received an excellent summer fluid, which replaced me with 2 sunblock products and a daytime matting cream. Awesome remedy, now I know for sure that my face is protected!
And for curious chemists, the composition: Composition: distilled water, allantoin, d-panthenol, aloe gel, sea buckthorn oil, vitamins A and E, zinc, rose essential oil, pigment, emulsion wax, guar, preservative.
The price is 300 rubles.
Rating 5 +++++
Test period: more than 2 months