Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation Reviews

Today I want to tell you about my experience using mineral powder from bareMinerals. Impressive impressions, those who are interested in mineral makeup - please under the cut!

Recently I realized for myself that luxury silicone tonal products clog my pores. Over time, and not critical, but still clogged. My skin is not perfect, without powder, I feel not comfortable. Therefore, I decided to try mineral powder. The choice fell on the powder, one might say a legend - bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation. Accordingly, I expected a lot from her, as it turned out, is not entirely justified.
So, I'll start with the design. It is very simple - a small plastic jar without frills. Volume - 8 g. On the one hand, it’s not enough, and on the other hand, just a little powder is enough for once, so the consumption is tiny. The packaging is made, at first glance, soundly: the holes inside are closed if you turn the jar clockwise. However, upon closer examination, it turns out that the powder still gets enough sleep - close them, do not close them. You open the lid and you get an explosion at the flour mill
I chose the lightest shade - Fair, and I was not mistaken. The shade is porcelain, without yellowness and pinkiness, completely neutral, perfectly adapts to the skin tone and blends perfectly with it. It really pleased me, I always have difficulties in finding a sufficiently light shade without yellowness
Here is a shade closer, in the first photo it is exactly the same as in life:

Swatch on hand (in the second photo noticeable light shine):

Camouflage abilities:

I have a normal skin type, matting is useless to me, so I ordered the Original version, there is also Matte, intended, respectively, for matting.
After the first application, I was satisfied - I really liked how the powder lay down. The face seemed to light up a bit (this is not visible in the photo, but there are reflectors in it), the hiding power pleasantly surprised - like a good corrector. And most importantly, no mask effect, no sense of presence at all anything on the face)
But the powder was not so simple. The package arrived right before the holidays, and I had to spend 12 hours on the train. And I, having read, how beautifully mineral powder affects the skin of the face, especially problematic, and that you can even sleep with it, applied powder in the morning without moisturizer and went to the station. After a few hours on the road, I felt tight. And pulled it off like no antidiarrheal lotion pulled it out. I take out a mirror - and what I see, all my skin is covered with small husks, some, excuse me, scraps, I started to peel off like a snake
Fortunately, everything worked out - I got to the destination, washed off the powder and carefully moisturized my skin several times a day for several days. From my bad experience, the main thing to learn: apply mineral powder ONLY after a moisturizer. It is good if it is not a light cream gel, but a nutritious, good cream. If you follow this rule, no troubles will happen.
And now the most likely point. Mineral powder is a godsend for problem skin. Mine is not that problematic, but troubles do happen. And mineral powder works great with all these pimples - it dries, and somehow cures (heal faster), and does not clog pores! I also want to emphasize that the powder does not mattify at all (however, it is not intended for this).
Let's move on to swatch on the face. Face without anything:
On the face of the powder and a little blush without a shimmer:
Macro and underlined pores:

Now two weeks have passed and, summing up, I want to say the following about the BareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation powder:
+ heals problem skin and does not clog pores;
+ excellent camouflage ability;
+ imperceptible on the face, merges with the skin, highlights it;
+ a good selection of shades (both for snow white and dark-skinned girls);
+ SPF 15;
- uncomfortable jar, forever everything gets enough sleep;
- It can cool dry skin with insufficient moisture (I don’t even know if it is suitable for owners of dry skin);
- slightly emphasizes enlarged pores.
Test period: 2 weeks
Price: 19 pounds on Lukfantastic (or about 1000 rubles.)
Rating: I don’t even know, considering all the difficulties - probably 4. But the impressions are good, primarily because of the healing effect, I’ll buy something else from BareMinerals.
Thanks for attention! Hope the post was helpful.

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