Shining shine of hair from Wella Professionals Brilliance

Hello dear girls and ladies! I want to share the experience of maintaining the color and shine of hair after dyeing with shampoo and balm from the Wella Professionals brand.
Who cares, I ask for a cut
Since I began to tint my hair, I have been searching for and testing tools that help maintain color and at the same time take care of my hair. The hairdresser advised me to try this brand, which I did. so
1.Shampoo for dyed normal and fine hair Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo for fine to normal, colored hair.
The manufacturer promises that this shampoo with diamond pollen turns dyed hair into a silk fabric, and its light formula protects and enhances the brightness of hair color, tones and gives a radiant shine. After reading the composition, to be honest, I was not very inspired, noting in it the “scary” chemical names that many had heard of.
But in the struggle for the beauty of hair, she decided to test it. Let's see the swatch:
Widespread opinion: Wonderful light shampoo, very pleasant to use. The gel-like pearly texture, moderately liquid, foams very easily and abundantly. Separately, it should be noted a very pleasant gentle unobtrusive smell on the hair does not last long. The shampoo is very economical, my head in two days, hair to my shoulders, has already been dyed twice, one bottle is just ending, it's a little over three months. As for the protection of color, the manufacturer did not deceive, the paint lasts about 6 weeks, but how to shine, evaluate it yourself, the photo will be lower.
Since my hair is thin and curly, you can do without balm:
2.Balm for dyed and thin hair Wella Professionals Brilliance Conditioner for fine to normal, colored hair
Let's see the swatch:
The texture is thicker than shampoo, but the nacre is almost not noticeable:
The widespread opinion: the balm moisturizes well, smells a little brighter than shampoo, but also very nice (my cat goes crazy until the smell disappears, everything strives to lick my hair), it’s very easy to comb even any wet hair with any comb. The conclusion can be made as follows: together, shampoo and balm work very well, hair is taken care of, color is retained longer than usual, shine is remarkable, side effects in the form of dandruff and hair loss are not observed (ttt), I have not tried to apply them individually.
We look at the result:
And partial shade:
Production: Germany
Volume: shampoo 250ml, balm 200ml
Price: from 600 to 1000 rubles. in different salons and departments for hairdressers
Usage time: three months
Rating: 5- (minus for the high price)
I would like to buy again, but the question arises, how long can I use products with such a composition, where normally readable words are only: diamond pollen?
Thank you for reading to the end, I will be glad to your comments.
I am Irina, please love and favor.

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