La notte or shades of L'arte del bello shade 10-notte

Hello my dear readers! Today I hasten to introduce you to a small night that fits in your hands or, in other words, with shadows, which I really love.

The shadows are made in Italy, they are baked. The colors give off well, have a lot of sparkles. Of the minuses, they crumble and quickly disappear when applied in a dry way without a base. On the base they behave decently like the other shadows that I have. (The base is always Benefit) . The kit comes with a very pleasant to the touch sponge, which shadows are applied without problems.
I enclose a lot of photos in different lighting and angles in the hope of reliably conveying how they beautifully shimmer:

On a hand in daylight:
On hand in artificial light:

3 hours after dry application on a pencil substrate, the shadows begin to disappear and a bald spot appears:
And finally (we don’t look at sloppy application))):

The price is 310 rubles. The term of use is 10 days.
Rating 4.
I’m Nastya, thank you for reading to me on "you"!