The most summer nail polish Orly Glow stick 40765

Hello! Today I want to tell you about the brightest varnish from my collection. It's about neon orly glow stick

This varnish just captivated me with its insolence, its catchiness. He is so bright that it just hurts the eye
This shade was released in the summer collection of Orly Feel The Vibe. At first, I did not plan to buy it, but the reviews on the net did their job))

What can I say, the shade is just crazy! It immediately attracts attention - your manicure will definitely not go unnoticed. But! The varnish has a translucent, liquid texture, so even three or four of its layers do not guarantee you a dense coating, but only organize bubbles and flows. I solved this question much easier: as a base I put 1 coat of Orly Lemonade varnish, and on top I cover with a layer of Glow stick. The color is bright, saturated, dense, and the nails are not burdened with a million non-drying layers. By the way, when dried, this varnish gives almost no gloss, therefore it necessarily requires a top coat. I have this Orly Glosser, in other matters, as always.
As for the quality, I liked the varnish. Of course, if you do not take into account its translucency (well, I coped with this problem).
It dries quickly, spreads well on the nail. It can slightly “dissolve” the previous layer of varnish, so it must be applied carefully and make as few movements as possible. My manicure lasted, as always, about 3-4 days, after which chips and cracks began to form.
This post has been in my drafts since the summer. In the photo you can still see the greens))

This varnish has become my favorite summer favorite)
I have been using it since June 2012
Rating 5
The cost of 50 hryvnia
Thank you all for stopping by)))

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