Dior Poison Hypnotic EDT Reviews

Full name of perfume:
Hypnotic Poison Dior
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Description from the manufacturer and the pyramid:
"Spirit is an unsurpassed shade of female personality, the final touch of the image." K. Dior
Classic. This fragrance follows Poison’s mythical path - a diabolical and mysterious fragrance, a magical elixir of modern times that expresses the sensuality of your era. Extravagant and intoxicating, Hypnotic Poison is a perfume of femininity and courage. A mysterious harmony born of an alloy of four opposing aspects: a sharp and intoxicating almond note, a richer and more precious jasmine note "Sambac", a charming floral note of rose and lily of the valley and a hypnotic and sensual trail of vanilla and musk.
Detailed opinion:
The aroma of desires ... Intimate, bewitching, sensual ... Inhaling this aroma seems to me a slow oriental dance, I seem to hear drums, and I smell aromas of spices and night flowers. I see a bazaar, carpets, gold jewelry, and a gentle tinkling of bells ...
Oh ...
The aroma really hypnotizes, envelops, with it you dream. But on some “Poison” it suffocates. Therefore, earlier in some restaurants and pubs signs "No entry for men with cigars and women with the aroma" Poison "were hung out. Those who are lucky to make friends with this aroma will never refuse it. I certainly will not refuse.
The aroma is revealed overflowing, and not gradually over the notes. You will hear “poison” throughout the day, it is very persistent, even though it is just eau de toilette. It holds especially well on woolen clothes. Wear it by the ears, on the neck, under the hair, and with the slightest breath of wind, without exception, everyone will feel your treasure.
70 cu per 100 ml in the tester.
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