Jemma Kidd Perfect Tan Bronzing Trio & Jemma Kidd Retractable Handbag Brush

At Gemma Kidd, I tried 2 illuminators and blush. Now it’s the turn of the bronzer. To him as a bonus was a brush for blush.
Jemma Kidd Perfect Tan Bronzing Trio
The three-color bronzer consists of light beige, brick and dusty pink shades. At the two extremes in the sun, shining particles are visible, but they are not visible on the face. They can be seen in the sun, if you look closely at close range.
I did not like the middle tone at all - brick by brick.
At first, the bronzer did not like at all. The impression was thoroughly spoiled by a red tint. I realized that you need to get used to the bronzer, or something ... As an option - combine with blush. I think that then you can somehow escape from the redhead. Or another option - apply 2 shades located on the sides.
It is very well typed on the brush, while it is noticeably dusty. You need to be careful not to overdo it. The quality of the shading depends on the base on which you apply the bronzer. If on a bare face, then lies in stripes. I apply it to Sanskrin or moisturizer. Resistance is quite satisfied, towards the end of the slave. day, the bronzer does not disappear from the face.
On fingers:
All shades are mixed:
In the sun it is seen that the bronzer gives yellow. As I tried, I regretted buying ...
Price: £ 20
Rating: 3
Jemma Kidd Retractable Handbag Brush
Bright pink retractable brush. It’s hard not to notice. She stands out so much for her cheerful color. Even a little mood raises.
The case is made of aluminum and therefore very light. Pile is natural, but smells nothing. The brush is soft and soft, medium-sized. It is this, in my opinion, that is most suitable for pigmented textures. It’s convenient to type “striped” products, as the brush has a narrow part, which is convenient to pass through the strips. Washed 3 times and while not a single hair fell out.
On the downside, I’ll take it to the fact that the lid does not sit tightly, easily and effortlessly opens. In addition, careless use may scratch the case.
Price: £ 14
Rating: 4

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