Autumn Variations on a Caviar Manicure Theme

Good day to all. I could not resist the popular experiment of this season, and I. I wandered the other day to my personal paradise (a store selling everything for nail service) in search of neat rubies. Of course, I found rubies, but I was tempted by the broths. In the end, I want to introduce my autumn version of Caviar-manicure.

Also, let me introduce, briefly, the main participant - the basis of varnish CREATION Vipera # 479. According to the packaging, these are Polish varnishes. The consistency is quite liquid, but the coating is dense from the second layer, the first can streak in dark colors, the brush is standard, not large, not small, without sub-covers, maybe a little narrow, because of this, you need to get used to the application.
I have this nut-chocolate lacquer with the smallest shimmer of golden, red, green. Because of this, in the world, lacquer plays with beautiful overflows, it gives greens, gold, and red peel of fresh chestnut. Holds on for 3+ days, i.e. if you roll it to the base, and on top of the top - you can hold it for a week. Now I have stopped wearing LONG color for so long. The gloss of the varnish itself is excellent, but with the top it just shines. If you believe the composition, then the varnish does not contain a harmful three, but there is calcium.
Here he is:

Grade him 4. I do not know why. It's just that this is not my favorite varnish and does not cause wild delight.
Price - I do not remember. Lives with me for the second year. But this is a budget line. By the way, from the pros - not a gram thickened.
Now let's see the variations on the Caviar theme.

How do you have fun this fall?
I am Corey, you can.
Thanks for stopping by.

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