Bio-gel EL Corazon - The treatment series for nails is now in color

Active Bio-gel El Corazon No. 423, No. 423/5, No. 423/6,
№ 423/7

I have been using El Corazon No. 423 Bio Gel for more than two years. I bought it for the first time at the 2010 spring intercharm. And since then this product is always with me. If you urgently need to put your nails in order, then here is my magic wand. Five minutes and a neat manicure is ready.
№ 423

And recently I found out that there is an addition in this family. Bio-gel appeared in the color of 9 tones.
How I dreamed about it!
I bought 3 numbers:
I want to note that with a shimer there is even more volume and a perfectly even coating.
Positive changes in the design - a metal cover with a convenient wide brush appeared. To apply which is a pleasure. Two strokes and a nail made up. El Corazon bio gels are completely easy to use, apply evenly and dry quickly.
Moreover, with each layer a different effect is obtained.
In one - levels the surface of the nail, gives a hue of color, shine and radiance.
In two - the shade is more saturated, the volume appears.
Active Bio-gel EL Corazon No. 423/6

Active Bio-gel EL Corazon No. 423/5

Bio-gel EL Corazon No. 423/7

I tried to apply varnish as recommended for a week on top of the applied.
The result is a fresh manicure every day, more color, more shine and more volume.
It is removed with the usual nail polish remover.
The main purpose of this drug is to strengthen nails.
As a result: we get 3 in the 1st. Treatment, decorative varnish, the effect of extended nails (without a lamp, without going to the salon, without damaged nails).
Price: 150 rubles
Rating: 5.

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