Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Color Reviews

A lot of photos.

So, a little background.
I went to buy the shadows that I wrote about in a previous post, went to the Chanel stand (I wanted to look at Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks), the consultant showed me the lipstick with the words: “Oh, this is a chic shade, it has a 40% discount, because There is no tester, look! ", I looked - I liked the color of the lipstick, I decided to take it. As a gift they gave me a bunch of testers, everything is great.
But at home, when I took photos, I noticed a not very pleasant thing - on the box is # 28 Byzantin, and on the lipstick itself is # 22 Paris. Pretty unpleasant surprise. But since initially I didn’t go to the store specifically for this color, I decided not to go there to find out - “how so?”. Both colors, as far as I know, are rare. Plus, they are pretty similar, I think.
Color in daylight, when there is no sun, has a more plum hue.

In the sun - red.
The lipstick is of excellent quality, the color is very saturated, the aroma is light, pleasant. The texture is creamy, easy to apply, without bald spots, flowing into folds. The pigment is very persistent, I did not even expect. I made up at home, I didn’t specifically wash it to see how much it would last on my lips.
So: I ate - the lipstick held on, there was still gloss, I drank coffee - all the same, I did housework for about 3 hours - the gloss disappeared, but the color still remained evenly on my lips. I went to the shower - I didn’t specifically wash off the lipstick, washed my face with foam, washed my hair (i.e. soap foam got on my lips, I didn’t rub them on purpose), left the shower - the lipstick is still on me (!!!), it’s passed about an hour - I washed it off.
In the sun, red lipstick with some kind of blue (?) Tint.
It can be seen that the upper lip is rather dry, but the lipstick did not emphasize a single peel.
Lipstick in different lighting conditions, from different angles:

I got wet with a napkin - I like this option most of all.
General form.
Conclusion: a wonderful lipstick is not for every day, ideal for holidays, dinners, because there is no need to constantly watch whether it is smeared, whether it is necessary to tint and so on. I am very pleased with the purchase.
Price: I got for 900 rubles
Rating: 5+
Term of use: about a week